Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paani Poori/Gol Gappa/Poochka

I had never tried chaat at home.And it was the first time I made this chaat at home.Of course we have had it from road side vendors and in some north Indian Restaurants.Last week one of my friend S gave me a pack of Pooris for the chaat.I was much delighted to see those pooris..With no much waiting I made immediately the sweet Chutney and the pani/Spicy water for the poori and made Pani pooris.Will surely try make these crispy pooris at home and will post the recipe soon..What is so appealing in this is sweet chutney and the pani can stay for more days when refrigerated
My kids just gulped the pooris and in few minutes all the pooris vanished and I was left with a few numbers(after sparing a few to take shots).By the time I completed my photo session the plate was empty ..
Make this chaat at home and have this during ur chat..
For the recipe please press READ MORE..

For the spicy water/Pani

Recipe adapted from Manjula's Kitchen

Ingredients for assembling the pani poori:


For the spicy water/Pani

Grind chilli and mint into a smooth paste.Add the other ingredients mentioned in the pani ingredients list.Mix with enough water and store it in a fridge to make it little cool

Take a poori and make a small hole at the top.
Add a tbsp of potato masal(Boiled potato mixed with salt and chilli powder)into the poori.
Then add finely chopped onion(about a tbsp)on the masal.
Add little amount of (1 Tsp) sweet chutney into it
Add 2 Tbsp of pani/Spicy water into the poori.
Garnish with little sev and gulp it into ur mouth.
Relish the sweet/tangy/spicy taste all at a time..


  • U can use the sweet chutney that is available in markets.(I will be posting the sweet chutney recipe soon).
  • Readymade pooris are also available at markets(will be posting the poori recipe too shortly)
  • Instead of potato masal u can add cooked sweet corn,boiled n mashed kabuli channa,chopped tomatoes,little curd,kara boondi,etc.The combinations are just ur wish.Do a mix n match and enjoy the taste
  • The sweet chutney can be made into a water form and it can be added to the poori.I personally loved the thick version and so I used a thick paste of the sweet chutney.



  1. Hi,
    I just came across your blog. Thank you for sharing wonderful recipes :)

  2. Delicious panipoori, my hubby love it.