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Thank u for passing by my space of blogosphere..
I am Amuds, the author of this blog.My full name is Amudha HariHaran,native of Vellore(a small town named walajapet),completed my college at Coimbatore,worked at Chennai,got married to my dear friend/batchmate from Tirunelveli,started new life at Mettur(Salem),finally now at Tuticorin...

I had been working earlier but could not do justice to both the spheres of work and home.So decided to give up the office sphere for few years and live my life!!I love spending time with my kids...I have 2 beautiful daughters polite Saindhavi and naughty Yazhini..They are my best critics not only for the food that I make but in all aspects...And it will not be complete without a special mention of my friend/Hubby Hari(whom I mention as HH in most of my posts) who had been the catalyst for all my activities.He had taught me to look into the positive aspect in all respects!!

Presently I am a full time homemaker.I try to make my routine jobs more interesting and enjoyable.As explained by most of the cooking bloggers let me also brief out the story behind the kickstart of my blog..I am not an expert in cooking and only after my marriage I stepped into kitchen..After 10 years of my cooking experience I started jotting down recipes into a cookbook..but felt I couldn't carry it everywhere I go..So immediately thought of starting up a blog..I started this with no serious note of continuing it but the encouragement I received from fellow bloggers and readers made me to continue it with so much of passion.Hari n kids are so happy about my blogging as they taste so many varieties.It is the other way round when they happen to taste the dish that had turned out badly!!

All the recipes that I had posted are tried and tested at my cooking station..I try it 2-3 times and if it had tasted well only then it  find its place in my cookndine cookbook..Some of the recipes are borrowed and adapted n inspired from other sources

Apart from cooking I spend my time at learning many new things which I had missed it to learn during school time..I am at the process of learning watercolour paintings,keyboard,etc .Have a lot of things in my To-learn list!!Need to complete it within 2-3 years after which I am planning to get back to my career..

I am new into baking field and all that I have tried are googled from most of the blogs.The oven that I use is very basic model introduced by Prestige-OTG..After 3 years of using it I am very comfortable with this brand and had not faced any problems till now..

Married into a vegetarian Brahmin family u could find most of my dishes are vegetarian in nature.But me being a Non-vegetarian I do cook non veg items but very rarely..I am happy that HH always supports me fully in this regard!!
So the blog is mixture of pure veg recipes and also pure NV recipes;-)

Finally coming to the photography ...my interest into it had increased after we purchased Canon SLR camera.The photos posted at my blog are taken by Canon EOS 1100D SLR with a EF-S 18-55 mm IS II.Sometimes I use  55-250mm ..I take much effort to take a shot.So if u want to use the shot kindly drop me a mail

Feel free to contact me if there are any doubts regarding the recipes.Also please don't forget to leave a note if you liked my recipe..It means a lot to me and would be a promoter for me to post much more recipes

Hope u enjoyed blogging my space..




  1. Hi Amuds This is Devi from tuty as well.
    Loved your blog.Have a look at my http://newindianlifestyle.blogspot.com

    1. hi Amuds, nice to see your blog. I am a complete foodie. Travel extensively across the Country and would love to travel that extra mile if I have to taste something. My mom and my sister are one of the best cooks for south India cuisine which you can ever come across. Both Veg and Non veg. My Nephew is a photographer trained by one of the greatest photographer of the Country. Keep in touch.

    2. Thank u panneer for stopping by

  2. Hi Amuds,
    I am dr Lakshmi from bangalore, living in US, i just loved ur sarvana bhavan kurma recipe, i tried it at home it just had that restaurant taste ,what we eat at newjersey, thanks for sharing it, keep up good work going.

  3. hai I am Radha from mumbai i loved ur saravana bhavan kurma chutney recipes thanks for sharing it post more recipes if the cook in HSB shares with you .Today morning i felt i should enter saravana bhavans kitchen and i found your recipe. thanks once again

  4. hai why no recipes for long time?what happened?

  5. hi sister super nan ippathan parthan....

  6. hi sister super...nan ippathaan parthan....

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  8. Hi, I tried your recipe and it was really good...thanks

  9. Hi, I tried your recipe and that was delicious ...thanks