Friday, May 31, 2013

Chettinad Muttai Kuzhambu/Chettinad Egg Curry

I always have a special love for the chettinad gravies.I tasted it first at a restaurant in coimbatore.I used to visit the restaurant very often when I was studying  in CIT.Recently Anjappar Chettinad restaurant was opened at Tuticorin and we happened to taste the food there.The taste was delicious and mouth watery.
After a week I thought I should try some chettinad cuisines at home and started browsing solai achi's blog.She has a nice collection of non-vegetarian recipes and I blindly followed the procedure.It came out so well and loved to have it with Dosa/Idly/Rice

Try making this chettinad special..

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pepper Rasam/Milagu Rasam

Sorry for the long gap and silence....I had been spending my time with my beautiful family and enjoyed each and every moment being with them..My gals had vacation for more than a month .Our vacation was filled with more short trips..We had many functions and I was held tight with all the responsibilities..

And it is fun to spend time with 2 growing gals at home ..And I could feel they had grown beautifully that they are able to share my work.It was so good to play with them..When I watch my daughters playing together I feel so bad that I don’t have any sister...And so in the advent of short trips,gals at home I completely had no time at posting the dishes even though I made delicious dishes the whole month..

Back with a bang..let me start with a simple rasam..

After many trips my family wanted to have something light and a homemade food. So whenever I feel lazy to cook I make rasam and have it with pappad/Omelette.It tastes so heavenly to have homemade rasam after continous trips accompanied with outside food..

Make this pepper rasam either have it with hot cooked rice or as a soup on a cold day..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green Leaves Stir Fry/Keerai Stir fry

Green leaves are always my favourite.We have it almost daily except on weekends.Green leaves are very good source of iron and vitamins.They taste very good when cleaned and cooked well.
I usually use seeru/Seeri Keerai ,Arai Keerai,Ponnangani keerai for stir fries.Along with a vegetable We use to have a Cup of green leaves as a side dish for the lunch.They go very well with a plain sambhar rice.For the kids I mix it with rice and feed them.
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