Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cracked Wheat Biriyani/Kodhumai Ravai Biriyani

When I get bugged of rice I switch on to wheat products.I usually cook this biriyani for an afternoon lunch accompanied by a vegetable salad.My children hate upma and So i made a slight modification and made a biriyani out of it which fasinated my kids to taste this.So I avoided uttering the word Upma and started mesmerising them with the magic word Biriyani...
It is very easy to make and also very taste when made with all the biriyani ingredients...
For the recipe please Press READ MORE below..


1 Cup of cracked wheat/Kothumai Ravai/Broken wheat/Sambha Kothumai Rava
3 Cups of hot water
1 Cup of chopped vegetable(carrot,peas,Beans,Potato)
1 No. of big onion sliced
1 No. of tomato sliced
1 Tsp of ginger garlic paste
Hanful of Mint leaves
1 Tsp of Red chilli powder
2 tsp of Coriander powder
1/4 Tsp of Turmeric powder
1/4 Tsp of Garam masala powder(Optional)
To Temper:
1 Tbsp of oil
2-3 nos of cloves
1 no. of 1 inch cinnamon
2 nos of cardamom
1 no. of bay leaf
1 Tsp of Fennel seeds(Optional)
1 Tbsp of Cashewnuts(Optional)


Dry roast the wheat rava in a pan till it gived nice aroma.Do it in low flame.U can also roast it in a Tsp of ghee if u don't want a diet version.Keep the roasted rava aside.Let it get cooled.
Chop the vegetables and keep it aside

Heat oil in a pan.And then add items mentioned in To Temper list one by one.
Then add sliced onions and saute it well.
Add ginger garlic paste and saute it till the raw smell goes off.

Then add chopped tomatoes and saute it.Add cleaned and washed mint leaves.
Finally add the chopped vegetables and little amount of salt.Saute it well.

Sprinkle some water on the vegetables,Close the lid and allow the vegetables to get cooked.After 3-5 minutes mix the vegetables and then add chilli powder and coriander powder and saute well till the raw smell of the masala powder goes off.

Then add hot water,required amount of salt and boil it.
Lower the flame to low flame and then add the rava little by little,simultaneously stirring the water in the pan.This is done to avoid formations of lumps.

Mix well and make it to cook in low flame.

Close the lid and cook it in low flame.
After 7-10 minutes biriyani is ready to be served with Raita or with a simple pickle


  • Roasting the rava will make the wheat ravas to remain apart rather than getting mashed.
  • Can add cumin powder/Jeera powder too if u wish(about 1/2 Tsp)
  • Instead of the chilli powder n coriander powder u can add sambhar powder to have a variation in the taste
  • U can also make it in a pressure cooker too.Then cook for 2 whistles with 2 and 1/2 cups of water
  • Chop the vegetables little smaller so that it gets cooked quick.
  • Turnip,beetroot(colour of the final dish will change if added),cabbage,cauliflower can also  be added in the vegetables list


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