Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garlic Amaranth Masiyal/Keerai Poondu Masiyal

Keerai/Green Leaves taste heaven when they are cooked in a delicious way.Touch wood both of my kids love to have green leaves in any cooked form.
The one that I had mentioned here is apt for the kids and for the ones who love garlic taste and smell.
After delivery and in the early stages of the childhood this dish is advisable to have.As it contain lots of garlic, it is very very healthy to have.It is very very less spicy and kids will love to have it.
It is an apt food for the growing kids,pregnant ladies and also for the new mothers..
I give this for the lunch along with gobi 65/Potato for the kids and they will love this combination.
Just try this for ur kids and make them healthier..
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Clean the green leaves.U can use the tender stems too for the dish.Mulai Keerai/Thandu keerai/Amaranth leaves can be used for this dish.
Cook the leaves with lots of garlic pods.I used 4 medium sized whole garlic(Muzhu Poondu).Add little quantity of water while cooking it.
It gets cooked very quickly .U can either use a pressure cooker or a pan for cooking.
Then grind it.I used the old type of Kal Chatti and mathu.U can just mash it with a ladle too.
In northern part of tamilnadu there is a special mud pan available for mashing keerai/Dhal.The base of the pan had very little stones embedded(they don't come out)and smoothen the grinding process.We call it as mannu Kal Chatti(the one that is shown in the picture)
In another pan add ghee,heat it,then add mustard seeds n cumin seeds.Leave it to splutter.
Add them to the grinded green leaves.
Have it with hot steamed rice.
The aroma of the ghee and the garlic gives a nice delicious taste..
  • Use only ghee for tempering.It gives a nice aroma and taste for the dish
  • U can avoid mustard seeds and add only cumin seeds for tempering.
  • Don't mash the green leaves in  a blender.Use a wooden mathu and a mud pot.It gives an exotic taste for the dish.

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