Thursday, June 6, 2013

Curd Rice/Thayir Sadham

I can survive with curd rice alone.My lunch is complete only with a curd rice.My daughters love to have them for their packed lunch.So most of the time at home I end up making roti,a subji and curd rice..After getting married to a Brahmin guy I got used of making the curd rice very often at home.HH haves curd with all stuff including Dosa,idly,upma n even Tamarind rice.So it had become a common dish at home.
Curd is very essential for the growing children.They have a bacteria which helps in the digestion process.My doctor advised to give curd for my kid from 8 months on wards...
I was much hesitant to post this very common dish..But one of my friend wanted me to post it..So this post is for the new ones entering the kitchen..
For the recipe please press READ MORE below..



Soak raw rice (Pachai Arisi) for 10-20 minutes.Drain the water and add 3 cups of water for 1 cup of rice.Pressure cook the rice.

Mash the rice with a ladle when the rice is hot.Do it when the rice is hot so that it gets mashed well.
Add hot milk and mix well.
Leave it to cool down.

After the rice gets cooled add thick curd and salt.If u need more tastier version cream can be added.Don't add curd when the rice is hot.It will get cuddled and will lose the appealing texture....

In a pan add oil and heat it.
Then add mustard seeds,urad dhal,curry leaves,red chilly and add it to the curd rice.
Add grated carrot,grated ginger,chopped green chillies also to the curd rice and mix well.

Serve it with vadu mango pickle/lime pickle,potato fry or with fresh ripen mangoes.


  • For tempering instead of red chillies Moor milagai can be added and it can be had along with curd rice.It gives a different flavour to the rice
  • Instead of adding grated ginger,chopped green chillies finally ,u can add while u temper.
  • For the kids version u can omit the green chilli part and add pomegranate,apples,raisins,grapes and cashewnuts.
  • Have it with mangoes u will love the combination..
  • Grated cucumber can also be added.
  • If u are packing it 4-5 hours before the consumption then add very little curd and increase the milk amount.
  • Using raw rice will increase the taste of the dish..But par boiled rice can also be added.
  • Don't add curd when the rice is will make the curd to cuddle and the appearance will not be appealing to have.
  • Adding cream and cream milk will enhance the taste of the dish.
  • The dish hardens after some add milk accordingly..

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