Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garlic Chutney

One of my favourite ingredient is garlic.It has many medicinal use and luckily all my kids love the flavour of garlic.I add more garlic to all my dishes.When I run out of vegetables or when I plan for a week trip I do take this side dish along with me.
My children had their summer vacation and we had been travelling a lot for the past one month.Of course we had many short trips spanning for 1-2 days..I usually pack some home made stuffs too while we travel,in which this garlic chutney always travels along with us.It tastes very good with Idly and Curd rice.At times I do spread it on the bread and take it...
Those who don't love the odour of garlic will not like this chutney ,but definitely it tastes exotic with idly and curd rice.
So make this,Pack it for ur picnic and relish the chutney with Idly..
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10-12 pods/cloves of garlic
4 no. of dry red chillies
5 no of shallots/small onions
1 Tsp of tamarind
salt to taste

To temper:
1/2 Tbsp of gingelly oil
1/2 Tsp of Mustard seeds
A strand of curry leaves

  • Grind garlic,red chillies to a paste
  • Heat oil in a small pan and add items mentioned in the temper list
  • Addthe grinded mixture to it and saute it so that the raw smell goes off.
  • Add little water so that the mixture doesn't get stick to the pan.
  • Serve it with Idly,Dosa or with curd rice

Grind garlic,small onions,dry red chillies,tamarind,salt in a mixie to a smooth paste.Sprinkle very little water if required.
In a pan add oil and heat it.Then add items mentioned in "To temper"
After adding the items mentioned in the To Temper list..Add the grinded paste to it and stir well.Add little water/oil and mix well to avoid the paste sticking to the pan.Saute it so that the raw smell goes off.
Adding some more oil will increase the shelf life of the chutney.
Store it in an air tight container.If no water is added while grinding it stays well even for a week.
If u want the chutney to be of mild hotness reduce the number of red chillies.The one I had mentioned here is more spicier.
This is a best one to take with for a week trip.It serves as an exotic side dish for Dosa,Idly and curd rice..


  1. hi, recipe is very nice and easy to prepare. i will it tomorrow.

    P.S.: the clarity of fonts which is in italic style, too small and not able to visible/read clearly.

    1. Tk u sai future will look into the clarity of the fonts in the pictures...Tk u for letting me know it..

  2. hi amuds yours dishes are very useful for us, for this dish i may not able to read so pls kindly change the the font and style mode,

    1. Had taken them in mind and had edited too!!!

    2. Thank u for the recipe,I tried it out ,chutney came out yummy,Ur blog is colourful and it is like foreign story book,interesting to read with pictures