Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gobi 65/Cauliflower fry

This was the dish which I used to order more frequently when I go to the restaurants.After becoming health conscious,I avoided taking any fried items at restaurants.But I always love to have those...So one fine day I happened to visit  a restaurant  on the weekdays which served tasty crispy gobis.There were less people there....Taking it as a chance I learnt the recipe from the chef...From then on it had been a regular snack(once a week) in my kids snack box..Both the kids loved to have this...I avoided using the colour(which they do it at restaurants) and the red chilli powder alone is enough to bring the colour..
Enjoy having this with the variety rice....When some numbers gets remained I make cauliflower gravy with it..
Here comes the recipe...
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Pooran Kozhukattai/Festive recipe

CooknDine wishes its readers a very happy Ganesh chaturthi.Chathurthi is not complete without eating kozhukkattai....I had been updating with the various types of modaks for the past few days.Still there are many...will keep udating as and when I make...
The features of ganesh symbolises many things
Large Ears-Listen More
Big Head-Think Big
Small mouth-Talk less
Small eyes-concentrate
large stomach-digest all good and bad in life
So let us all take life positively and proceed...
This kozhukattai is the one which my grandma,mom all used to make.The concept of moulds came only during the last 5 years..This is for the one who don't possess moulds..Of course moulds make us work easy and the output perfection is mximum...
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uppuma Kozhukattai/Pidi Kozhukattai/balanced diet Kozhukattai

This dish is my first dish I made at home when I started to learn cooking.Infact this is a modified version .During my school days my mom used to make uppuma very often(as it is very easy to make) and I got so bugged up with the rava uppuma..It was at that time I tried making Kozhukattais with the uppuma and it turned out so good and tasted well with the hot hot tomato chutney.
The recipe that I had given is the one that we have as a breakfast at our home.It is a sort of balanced diet food  with rice,dhal,vegetables.It is not a heavy one and also a very healthy breakfast.Now a days most of the restaurants sell this kozhukattais.It can also be served as a healthy snack to the kids with the modification in the shape...
Thought of posting it during the chaturthi recipes..It is commonly called uppuma kozhukattai or Pidi Kozhikattai.
We don't make it on ganesh chaturthi ,but few people make this kozhukattai also(exclude the onion part if u are keeping it in the neiveithiyam)on the special occasion.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Modhagam/Kozhukattai/Rice Dumplings/Ganesh Chaturthi recipe

Ganesh Chathurthi is nearing.All set for a new beginning...For most of the people whom  I had come across Ganesh is their favourite god.Any beginning starts with a simple prayer to this primarily first god.The Modaks were the one which come to my mind when I think of the vinayaga Chathurthi...Recently the hobby of collecting the ganesh idols had become most of them's favourite hobby(Luckily I am not into it!!!)...So modern ganesh's idol (the recent one ganesh with the Iphone/Ipad) keep coming to the market...
Modaks,mothagam,Kozhukattai,Rice by any name...I have no words to describe the taste...There was time where we use to skip lunch and have only Kozhukattais and Sundals as our Lunch!!!
For the ones who are familiar in celebrating this occasion pls skip directly to recipe.For the ones who are not familiar the details of celebration(in Southern Tamilnadu) let me give a gist of it..
We get an idol of ganesha(made of clay)decorate him with the erukkam Poo(Milkweed flower)  and Arugam Pul (A type of grass).Prepare a variety of rice Idly,Sweet Modak,Uluntu Modak,Pidi Kozhukattai,Kara Kozhukattai,Appam,Sundal,Ulunthu Vadai,etc..etc.. and keep it infront of god and request his blessings!!!(We actually Bribe him!!! by the exotic dishes!!)..We eat it naming the god...and then do work outs for days together to reduce the calories....
Enough of bugging up..Here comes the recipe...
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fatafhat Microwave chocolate Cake

In 120 Seconds...(i.e)2 minutes...Can u bake a cake..??????? The answer is YES....Such an easy,tasty,effortless dessert to make.....A hot cake + cold Vanilla Icecream...yummy yummy combinations..
Last week I had a bad fall and had a phalangial fracture on my foot.It was a tough task to stay without doing anything with the leg being tied up!!. I was winding away my time on tatting(My new hobby!!) and scanning the recipes posted by various bloggers..Luckily I came across lifenspice which had this yummy recipe..Waited for a week ...With little of hopping and with my loving mom's help I tried this recipe....
 I was more STRESSED..So to evade the stress I made this DESSERTS..If  u note it both  the words STRESSED and DESSERTS are palindromes(word that reads the same forward as it does backward)Thank U lifenspice for sharing this wonderful recipe and also the palindrome.Touched by the ease,taste of this recipe with the help of my lovable and caring mom I made this cake..My kids who had been sad(especially my  3 yr old darls) seeing my POP bandage,was much delighted to know that I made a  cake.
I tried out the first serve and it came out very well..Even I (I don't love cakes much!!..but love to bake )could not resist till the shots were taken.As I could not stand I shot the shots in a way comfortable to me...
The moment the shots were done...Phataphat.....the cakes shooted  into our mouth...
So Yummy,Soft...
The cake would fall down after microwaving but will be very soft.
Here comes the recipe for the 2 minute phataphat(which means very fast in Hindi)microwave cake......enzoiee
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ellu Thuvaiyal/Sesame seed Thuvaiyal

Most of the days when I want my lunch to be done soon I prefer making thuvaiyals.It is nutritious and at the same time the preparation time is very less.  A thuvaiyal,Rasam,Steamed rice,Curd will make an enjoyable Lunch.Thuvaiyal with the hot steamed rice and a papad makes a perfect lunch.A best partner for the urad dhal rice is this ellu thuvaiyal.I should have posted it in par with the urad dhal rice post.I was lazy enough to do it...

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chakka Pradaman/Jackfruit payasam

This is the post that I had planned to post during the Onam week.Due to unavailability of the jackfruits!! at Tuticorin the post got delayed.We were on a hunt for the jackfruit for the past 15 days.Ultimately one of Hari's friend spotted the much awaited/hunted jackfruit and  got for us.To my surprise another wellwisher got it plucked from the Hare's Island in Tuticorin..So that evening my house was filled with the aroma of the jackfruit .I adore the Poo Kolams put during the onam and the Onam Sadya...

I dedicate this dish to all my malayali friends and to all the sweet lovers.

I tried this dish for the first time and to my surprise it came out very well and nothing was left for me.In whatever method you make it will taste the best..

Please feel free to pass me the comments if anything I had missed in the recipe

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Vathal Kulambu/Vatha Kulambu

When I am bugged of more cooking and run shortage of vegetables I prefer to cook this Vathal Kulambu.It stays good even for 2-3 days when they are handled and refridgerated well.This is the handy gravy that I make and stock it for my hubby when I am not at station.The cooking time is very less and so the ingredients list..This method is my mother's methodology who makes superb fish curries.There are many variations being used.My MIL's method is different and she don't even add the onions .To get the thickness she adds the rice flour mixed with little water.Vatha Kulambu and Sutta Appalam is a exotic combination.

This post is for one of my blog readers and of course one my friend who had requested for the recipe.Please try it out Kritika and let me know how it tasted.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vegetable Samosa (South Indian Style)

It was a blue moon day yesterday(August 31st)...Yes technically it means the second full moon day in a month..It occurs once in 12 years and is a rare occasion..You may be wondering what this is to do here with the cookery blog.....Yes I do make fried items once in a blue moon...and the vegetable samosa was fried on a blue moon day......

Coming to the cookery part.....

Surprisingly it was drizzling at Tuticorin(They say at tuty it never rain because the salt pan owners make a special offering to varuna bhagawan asking him not to visit ..So rain never comes at tuty..though it rains everywhere around)..

Getting excited by the drizzles, thought of making some hot samosas which is favourite for all of us at home..On the healthier part I had replaced dalda with ghee.

With the hot hot samosas we came to the balcony to enjoy the drizzle with a sip(of hot filter Kappi) and a dip..unfortunately the drizzle had stopped(varuna Bhagawan would have heard the salt pan owners prayers) and we could only enjoy the pleasant weather....

While presenting the samosas on the plate I thought of including the antique(100 years old) soppu saman (minature of the utensils used by the kids to play) made of Brass..This is a part of 150+ items which were there along with it..My friend could only find 4 pieces of it..They weighed very heavy...and symbolically they depict the richness which which we indians lived earlier...The craftmanship of the utensils were so good that we could not find any fault with any aspect...

Enoughof bugging u all with long long stories..

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