Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keerai Mor Kootu/Greenleaves in yogurt gravy

After my marriage and getting into a brahmin family Curd/Yogurt had became the most important item at my kitchen.Breakfast/dinner/lunch will not be perfectly finished without having curd in the meal.So making dishes out of yogurt had become a routine in my kitchen.I had learnt to make various dishes out of curd which taste delicious during the summer season.
Green leaves and curd make an exotic combination and anyone who loves curd but hates green leaves will also love this dish.It can be had as a sidedish for Vathakuzhambu or simply with steamed rice.
It is a less spicy and soothing dish to have in summer.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mutton Kola Urundai-Madurai Kumar Mess Special

I had heard a lot about kola urundai but didn't have any chance to taste it.Moreover I don't like mutton and I hardly cook mutton at home too..Last week we went to Madurai Philatelic Bureau(This is all time great Obsession from my childhood!!)to collect the new philatelic stamps..We had our lunch at Kumar Mess-a famous non vegetarian hotel in Madurai which serves many exotic chettinad varieties.
By compulsion of the one who served,I happened to taste the kola urundai...To my surprise I had 3 pieces and Hari was surprised to see me eating Mutton Kola Urundai (I don't like mutton!!)The balls didn't have a drop of oil in it..though it was deep fried!!!
I just felt in love with the Kumar mess Kola Urundai.I came home but still cannot forget the taste.
I kept browsing many blogs,but finally followed Solai Achi's recipe and made these balls.What a surprise!!!It tasted similar to that of the ones which I had tasted at the Kumar mess.It was a super hit and passed a few balls to my friends..Even they were much taken back by the exotic taste of the balls..
So do try it and U will then say kola urundais are much easier to make..
Just stick on to the ingredients..Don't do any changes..Do as I did..I strictly followed Solai Achi's recipe..
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Madurai Spicy Chutney/Madurai Kara Chutney

People from Madurai will never deny the fact that roadside shops taste yummy than the high class restaurants.Of course the food served in mess(a small road side hotel)is just awesome.
Apart from the aromatic jasmines Madurai is famous for idly and parotta.The chutneys they serve looks very yummy and also tastes so good.
When u visit Madurai don't miss to have Jigirthanda from Famous Jigirthanda shop!!
The one i had posted is a medium spiced chutney.If u want more spicier version then add few more red chillies!!
Try out this Madurai special kara Chutney and tell me how it tasted too..
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mango Kesari

It had been an year since I started my blog...............started this blog to kill my time but had ultimately became my addiction!!Thank u readers for your overwhelming support and encouragement you give me which keeps my blog alive!!
This post is dedicated to all my blog readers..Relish this virtual treat..
Mangoes are always my weakness!!I keep waiting for the mango season to arrive.We keep visiting Hosur during the summers and when we return we purchase fresh varieties of mangoes from the farms on the way to Salem/Krishnagiri..
Nothing can beat the taste of Salem mangoes!!
I had made a list of mango recipes that need to be done during the mango season,but somehow i finished eating the mangoes.Luckily one of my sister Uma gave us few tins of fresh mango pulps from Krishnagiri.I was much delighted and thought should try the mango kesari.
The sweet came out too good with a light tinch of mango..Can feel the taste even after I had the taste..
So reserved this dish to post for the first anniversary of my cooking blog!!
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vegetable Biryani

I always love to cook one pot meal as they are very easy to make and gets finished in a jiffy.In that lane all my family members love the homemade biryani as they taste very yummy than the hotel biryani.We had almost stopped having biryani at restaurants..
We can vary the homemade biryani according to our taste and can add more healthy versions into it...At restaurants, to improve the taste they add taste enhancer and Dalda which are not good for health..
So make biryani at home and enjoy sunday with this veg biryani..
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ethakkappam/Pazham Pori/Banana Fritters

Amazingly it was drizzling at Tuticorin a day back.One of my friend from Shenkottai sent me fresh nethrampazham/Ethakka from her farmhouse.Thought of making it on a cloudy day and have it with Tea for a nice evening..It tasted too good in that weather with a  sip of hot tea.
Though it is 2 hours travel from Tuticorin to Tenkasi the weather at both the places are extremely different.We usually visit Courtallam during this season..Apart from taking a shower at Courtallam falls ,taking a ride in the Shenkottai kerala border is just pictureque.U will fall in love with the place if u visit it during June-July..With a mild drizzling u can enjoy the lovely weather of that area.
For the kids I deep fry it and for us I used the paniyaram kadai to make it oil free!!
Coming back to the recipe..
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Onion Chutney/Vengaya Chutney

When I break my head to decide on what to make as side dish for Dosa/Idly, it readily comes in mind to me..It tastes awesome with curd rice too..
I don't want to elaborate stories together before entering into the recipe...
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Millets Dosai/Kodo Millet Dosai/Varagu Arisi Dosai

From the time I tasted the millets I tried to incorporate it in all our daily routine dishes.Just substituted it for the regular polished rice.

This is very easy to make as it requires very less amount of time to get soaked when compared with the rice. And also I used my mixie rather than the wet grinder to grind this batter.The batter came out very well and so the dosai.

My kids couldn't find out the difference in the dosa taste..It tasted good with onion chutney.U can have it with Kara chutney or with garlic chutney.Sambhar too will taste good

SO start using the millets and enjoy living a healthy and tasty life...

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Aval Upma/Poha Upma

This is the simplest breakfast that can be prepared in a jiffy..I often make this on busy mornings with a slight twist that I see to it that I don't repeat the dishes and make it boring!!

It is very easy to make and all beginners can try out confidently..

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Salem Shredded Chicken Fry/ Salem Pichi Potta Kozhi Varuval

Mettur is my favourite town till today...I had been there at this place for more than 5 years.Though the town is very small, the ambience and the climate makes one to love the place.We were staying inside HH's company township which had complete facilities in all respect inside.From the house terrace we can see the stanley reservoir and the river cauvery....Free electricity and free water and also consistent supply..What else u need other than these ??!!!
It was a practice for us to visit salem every weekend for some reason or other.We loved to dine at Selvi Mess a famous place for the non-vegetarian items..One of my friend at Salem introduced me this dish which she called Pichi Potta kozhi varuval (in tamil) which means shredded chicken fry.I was tasting it for the first time and it was very light to have and was tasting very different!!
I always make this and use it for the rotis,rice,oothapams and also for making chicken fried rice..Kids will surely love to have this as this is less spicier than the other chicken dishes!!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paneer Tikka

Now a days my kids keep demanding more delicious snacks for their evening.And this was the one which topped their list!!I could not escape from them for many days...So one fine day they started to school with a demand of tikka for the evening snack...I made this with lots of love and it turned out to be a sooooper hit at our home.It was a joyous moment to see the happiness in the kids eyes..Love those memorable moments..Saindhavi n Yazhini just relished the tikkas ..Hugged n kissed me with love and said..My mamma is the best..What else I need in this world!!!..
(This is the reason I didn't have enough time to make for a good photosession.The clicks are not good and don't want my lovely kids to wait to relish it!!!)
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tirunelveli Sambhar/Nellai Sambhar

HH's favourite is sambhar and especially the Tirunelveli sambhar.This sambhar goes very well with Dosa and also with steamed rice..I usually cook sambhar in my own method..Last week HH's tirunelveli friends visited us for the pot meal on saturday.As the road between Tirunelveli and Tuticorin is too good for a drive it hardly takes 1/2 an hour to commute between these two towns!!One of HH's friend's wife made an exotic nellai sambhar..though it looked very simple it tasted fantastic with hot steamed idlies..She patiently explained me the whole process of making the Nellai sambhar..I tried it after few days and got addicted to the taste..Then on I make only nellai sambhar and not the normal sambhar at home!!
This sambar goes well with all the millets rice too!!
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

A health drink..Uluntham Paal/Urad dhal milk

Two days back my younger daughter came up with a note from the school asking for an authentic recipe which should be the kid's favourite dish too..I just gave a list to yazhini and asked her which was her best and she picked up this ulunthu paal..I thought I had posted the recipe in my blog so that I could download it from the blog and sent it to her school..but....After scanning the pages I found I had missed posting the dish which we make very often at home.With no wait I edited the pictures and started posting it...
Urad Dhal is a popular and healthier legume in India..It is being used in variety of dishes and the one I had posted is apt for a morning healthy drink.In this hurry burry life kids try to skip their morning breakfast which is a very bad practise..So during that time I make this Urad Dhal Paal/milk and give them which gives them the energy and strength to start the day well..
So make this easy,authentic,healthy drink and relish ur taste buds..
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Varagu Arisi Sadham/Kodo Millet Rice

Bugged of eating corn flakes and oats..???!!!Then try this millet which gives the same benefit as that of oats and cornflakes.Infact it is tasty too..Reduce rice and take in more of millets.These were predominantly used by our ancestors in olden days..which by the advent of british and westernisation we happened to forget all these healthy food..Now people became more conscious on their health and started looking back for the good and healthy food!!
I will be posting more of millets recipe in future.I had been trying all methods to cook the millet just like the rice which I ended up in a kanji consistency..Later on, I learnt the art of cooking the millets from one of my grandma ,when I visited her during my vacation..
This is the first time I am tasting it and I am not exaggerating the taste..It is awesome...Tastes much tastier than the normal rice..
Millets are gluten free and packed with vitamins and minerals.It is highly nutritious,great energy source,high amount of fiber,high antioxidant,digests easily..
Have a healthy meal with the millet..
Just learn the tricks at cooking the millet and a healthy and rich way..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Palak Pulao

I was very lazy last week and wanted to do some one pot meal.As it was weekend i didn't have much of vegetables  in my fridge.Luckily had some palak leaves in my balcony garden and decided to do some palak rice..I browsed a few blogs and felt cookingandme recipe of  palak pulao sounded tasty.So I made a slight variation and ended up making this pulao.It was so yummy and also healthy..
Try making this healthy one pot meal and dine it..
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