Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Masala Pori

Ayudha pooja was over..I wanted to finish off the left over puffed rice(Pori in tamil).And in the chill climate I wanted something to munch in without putting in any calories...this is the best choice and wanted a masala variety of it.I just love the garlic smell in the mixture.It gives an additive smell to the pori.

This is a simple recipe which is very easy and quick snack to make.Spicy Pori with a hot filter coffee in a rainy day ..the taste is unexplainable..
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ajwain Biscuits/Omam Biscuits

Ajwain is very good for digestion.I just love the aroma of the carom seeds..The salty sweet taste of the biscuits along with the exotic flavour will just melt you even if you are diet conscious...

It had been raining in tuty last week and the after rain situation here is pathetic..We could not take a drive to the bakery.So decided to bake some biscuits at home and hence there is heavy pour of biscuit rain in my blog...And to my surprise the biscuits got baked so good and tasty..
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dum Aloo

Fry it,Bake it,cook it,Mash it,make a curry,make a gravy,or just write potato on paper ;) Call it Aloo Dum or Dum Aloo ....Potatoes are always my favourite...And they are the first love to my  kids.So I keep cooking potatoes very often at home.
Dum Aloo is a typical North Indian dish(Kashmiri).It is named so as it is cooked under Dum or pressure .Though my way of cooking is not the authentic way of making it(Dum it),the taste still matches the one cooked in that method..
Dum Aloo with Butter Naan/Romali Roti/Roti is a tasty combination...Scrumptious!!Dum Aloo is a lip smacking side dish.We can keep on scripting about the Aloos(Potatoes in hindi).
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Masala Biscuits (Eggless)(Karam)

It had been raining heavily at Tuticorin for the past 3 days(which is an unusual scenario!!).I don't like biscuits as they are very sweet in nature..I usually take the Kara biscuit that is available at Ganesh Bakery(famous for its macroon).I just wanted to try a similiar type of this biscuit.Just came across the blog nammaruchi which had this recipe.
With the mixture of coriander,chilli,curry leaves,mint leaves the taste and flavour is fantabulous...Now i got addicted to this biscuit.In a monsoon season, hot chaii with such a crunchy masala biscuit is too much for an evening.
Just try it out and pass me the comments..
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vazhaithandu Poriyal(Banana Stem Curry)

The consistent rain had made me very lazy to cook.So just browsed my system and I found these photos in my gallery lying for many days.So thought of posting it.This dish is very easy to make and also can be had like a salad.My children have it like a sundal.The banana stem as such has many medicinal uses.Infact many people drink juice of it to reduce their weight.
Banana stem combined with the moong dhal is a healthy combination and a cup of it is enoug for a 11am snack.The dish is quick to make and also calls for very few ingredients...
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chala Meen Kulambu/Chala fish Curry (No coconut)

Fish is a rich source of Protein and Omega B.The taste of the sea fish differs that from the river fish.I had tasted both the varieties.Being at Mettur for 4 years I tasted variety of river fishes.Now being at Tuticorin which is famous for its sea foods I had been tasting fresh Sea fishes.One among them is the simple Chala Meen(In english it is named Sardine).It is less expensive and also easily available.The taste is too good and simple.
My mother makes delicious fish curries.Most of my friends who had visited my house will agree upon this.It tastes as if she had added ghee...So I usually call it as Nei Meen Kulambu(Ghee fish Curry).
We make it in the evening ,keep it aside and eat it in the next afternoon.It tastes too good after a day.That is why there is a famous song in tamil movie which says"Nethu Vacha Meen Kulambu ennai izhukuthadi".
The curry tasted good with hot steamed rice and also with the hot steamed idlis..
Here is the recipe..
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vegetable Fried Rice (Indian Style)

It had been long time since I posted a recipe.I had been lazy all along the past few days as i had been tied up with some other job.So I geared up back and posting a simple recipe...

It is one of the easiest one to pack for the lunchbox.And also the favourite for most of  the kids.Now-a-days most of the fast food shops and road side shops sell this popular dish.It is basically a chinese food.Sometimes I make this with the left over rice.Keeping in mind the health aspect I had avoided using ajinomotto.The main thing that gives the fried rice flavour is the olive oil.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This post has no relation with the cooking blog.....Just wanted to share the beauty of nature.Punnagai Mannan had been my favourite movie....Beautiful mesmerising melodies of Illaiyaraja made me still to fall in love with this movie.Added to it "Yethetho Ennam Valarthen" is still my most favourite song..Singer Chitra's voice is like a honey...
Kerala has been aptly named as God's own country.I just love visiting the place though I hail from Tamilnadu.Athirapally is a falls which is in Chalakudy,Kerala.I know the falls as Punnagai Mannan Falls as the main scene was shot here.From the time I saw the movie I had been starving to visit this place..And finally it happened...The beauty of the falls is just unexplainable....I don't want to return too..
Here are some the shots which I shot when I went there...

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jam Biscuits (Eggless)

Biscuit Biscuit Jam Biscuit...Enna Jam Co Jam...Enna Co Marugo...Enna Ma Amma....As soon as I saw the word Jam biscuits I remembered the above old game which we used to play during my primary classes...Now the present generations hardly play outside..
This biscuit brought back my golden olden young days where there were less choice for us to select.There were no bottles of Jams that were available readily at shops.We tasted Jam only in the biscuits...But now Jam had become a part of our regular meal!!!
One of my friend wanted a eggless cookies..So while browsing a few blogs,I came across this in raks Kitchen...
Cookies tasted too good and if you want it to be crunchy bake it more for a minute that is given in the preocedure...
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Coconut Burfi/Thengaai Burfi

All the windings had been unwinded from my fractured foot and now walking with my leg...For the ones who had not been following my earlier post...I had a bad fall a month back and had recovered completely now...This post is dedicated to all my friends who had been there with me for the past one month.My Humble and heartfelt thanks to all...
All Bad things happen for some good at the end..It is damn true!!!

To celebrate this "Back to action" mood I prepared  the coconut burfi..May be I watched the hindi movie Burfi and hence kindled to make Burfis!!!
During my college days this had been a regular sweet which I use to bring it from my home to my hostel mates..It is very easy to make and a delicious one..
Here comes the easy recipe for the sweet
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Friday, October 5, 2012


This is the dish which is very famous here at my hometown-Vellore.People  from in and around South Tamilnadu are aware of this dish.This is a delicious dish which I love the most...It goes very well with Hot steamed idlies and hot pooris.In Some hotels they serve Set Dosa with Vadacurry.I learnt the recipe of this dish from my mother who makes this in a very delicious way.Infact her love also had added the extra flavour...There is a famous saying that any food that is cooked with lots of love  tastes lovely....Our mood gets replicated in the taste of the food too!!!
In the olden days during the festivals they make vada in large quantities.That time when there was no refrigeration facilities,they used this vadai to make a sidedish..And hence the name VadaCurry!!!They never wasted food and I feel we should bring  this habit to our kids.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kumbakonam Kadappa

It had been always a challenge to make a sidedish for Idly,dosa or poori...My kids always wanted a variety and most of the mornings I  break my small brain what to make for the sidedish...I don't want  them to get addicted with Nutella spread for the dosa...U cannot name a kid who don't like potatoes...Suddenly I remembered this dish which we tasted it in a small hotel at Thanjavur(Tanjore) when we were there for a trip
Say......Kadappa... or....Cuddapah....One can visualize either the blackstone used for making slabs or a place in Andhra....But for the people in Thanjavur district...they could oly visualize the tasty kadappa dish being served with hot steamed Idlies...
Kumbakonam is famous for temples,betal leaf and also for the tasty kadappa.Don't miss to taste the dish when u visit kumbakonam...It is very popular in Tanjore too..
As Hari doesn't like the taste of it I don't make it very often at home...The taste is between sambhar and Kurma...
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple Butter Cookies

My kids were on their school vacation for the past 10 days.So they wanted me to bake some cookies for them..I baked it quite a few days back but was lazy enough to post them to my blog!!!This is a simple recipe for a cookie.It is very difficult to keep the kids engaged during holidays..My 2 kids kept on fighting...on petty petty issues .So to engage them I rolled out the dough and asked my kids to cut the shape using the assorted cookie cutters.They were just enjoying the process and were so happy when they could taste the cookie made by them....Both of them worked so well as a team and was very happy to see them..The elder one(8 yrs) was infact explaining the younger one(2.5 yrs old) the different shapes...
If u want the cookies to be little crispy then add 1-2 minutes additionally.The baking time may differ from an oven to oven...
Enjoy the cookies with the chocolate sauce on it ..
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