Saturday, June 22, 2013

Easy Kara Kuzhambu/Vellai Poondu Vengaya Kuzhambu

This is the first gravy dish I learnt after my marriage.Though the procedure is very short the balance of tamarind and chilli powder plays the important role at bringing out the taste.This dish is commonly made in all families and each one call by their own common name.Some refer it as Easy Kara Kuzhambu,some as vellai poondu Vengayam Kuzhambu and some as sunda kuzhambu..
With minimal ingredients this dish can be made and the taste is exotic..With a simple appalam u can just have a feast.Additionally this kuzhambu stays well for more than 2 days too, when refrigerated..
With slight variations and addition of masalas, the same kuzhambu can be made in many different tastes..
Anyone who is new to the kitchen can start trying this dish...
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Soak tamarind in water for atleast 10 minutes.If u want it to get soaked soon then add hot water to tamarind and soak it.Add little salt to the tamarind when u soak.This gives a nice taste to the tamarind.
Chop the small onions lengthwise and also garlic(if it is little big).Keep it aside.
Squeeze out tamarind water from the tamarind and mix chilli powder,Turmeric powder and coriander powder to the tamarind water.If u are having sambhar powder/Kara Kuzhambu powder then add that powder to the tamarind water(If u are adding kara kuzhambu powder/Sambhar powder no need of adding coriander n chilli powder).Mix it well so that there is no lumps.Keep it aside.
Heat a pan and add oil.Then add items mentioned in "to Temper "list ,in the ingredients list displayed above.
Then add shallots and garlic and saute it.See to it that u don't burn garlic.
Saute it well in simmer so that all gets mixed well.
Add chopped tomatoes and saute well.The more the ingredients gets mixed more tastier the gravy..
Add the tamarind water(mixed with the masala powders)
Add little amount of water,required amount of salt(u had already added little salt in the tamarind water).
Make it to boil till oil squeezes out from the edges and the gravy turns thick.
U can adjust the chilli powder and salt quantity by tasting it when it is boiling
  • A pinch of jaggery can be added finally to enhance the taste
  • Add a pinch/little amount of salt in the tamarind water.This gives nice taste to the tamarind water.
  • Instead of chilli and coriander powder u can add  Sambhar powder/Karakuzhambu powder too.
  • This tastes good with steamed rice,Idly .
  • It tastes too good after a day.
  • Use gingelly oil for tempering which will soothen the hotness of the gravy.
  • U can also add manithakkali vathal to the gravy.
  • Shallots add nice taste n flavour to the dish.If it is not available then use big onion.
  • Saute the mixture of onion n tomato nicely.More u saute more the taste.
  • The gravy turns thick after boiling.So add salt accordingly


  1. amud if u add that sambar powder when u sauting that shallots and garlic (care not to burn) and then add pure tamarid water it tastes different...finally it comes like jam constinsency....

  2. Amudha, I tried out this recipe last night and ate it for lunch today. Mouthwateringly delish! I must have added too much water because the consistency was not as thick, and I was too hungry to wait..hahah. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Tk u for trying it out n letting me know it too!!!these gravies tastes very yummy the next day!!!

  4. hey its nice amudha