Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boondhi Ladoo

This is my all time favourite sweet...People in my family always come with ladoo when they visit us..I never thought I can make ladoos at home!!!After making it and relishing it I was so proud of me!!(Shouldn't...but still!!).Yes Readers.. it is very easy to make and just follow the steps..u will end up in sweet ladoos..

During any function a cook used to come to our house and make ladoos in larger numbers.They taste too good and can be stored for more days too when properly handled.I got addicted to the taste and finally learned the sweet formulae!!
After googling a number of recipes I sticked to this one from spicytreats and the end product was just awesome!!
The funniest part is that when I made ladoos and gave to my 4 year old daughter Yazhini she asked me whether I made it for Chotta Bheem(She is an ardent fan of chotta Bheem) and compelled me to pass all the ones to her favourite hero!!
Make this ladoo and enjoy the sweetest moment in ur life!!
For the recipe please press READ MORE below..

Mix water with the sugar and heat it till it gets dissolved.
Add a drop of milk to make the dirts to float ..Then take off all the dirts.
Heat the mixture till u get single thread consistency(Stick on to it..If u take it at the earlier stage u will end up in making sweet boondi..)
Switch off the flame.
Add Cardamom powder and mix well.
Keep it aside.
In a bowl add Besan Flour/Kadalai maavu,Baking powder,salt and mix well.
To enhance equal mixing u can also sieve the mixture.
Make a small hole in the centre and pour water little by little and mix it.
Keep adding water and mix it till u get the consistency a little thicker than the one u make for Bajjis..
Add a drop of food colour(Lemon Yellow) if desired to the mixture and mix well.
I didn't use any food colour as I loved the natural colour.
I had used about 1 Cup of water for the flour.Dependingon the type of flour the amount of water may be increased or decreased accordingly.
Heat oil in a pan.
I used a special ladle that is used for making boondis.U can also use any type of perforated ladle to make this.
Keep the perforated ladle on top of the oil (Don't keep it very nearer to the oil)Pour a ladle full of flour mixture .
Just flatten or swipe it using a small katori(small kinnam) so that small boondis gets dropped into oil.Or else instead of katori u can just shake the ladle to make the boondis fall into the oil.
Let the boondis get cooked.Don't cook it fully.It will become very crispy.
Wipe the perforated ladle (with the tissue paper or something else)before using it for the next boondi making ..
Put the boondis into the sugar syrup that had been prepared earlier.
Mix the sugar syrup and the boondis nicely.
Mash the boondis little (don't mash it completely)
To the mixture add fried cashewnuts,fried dry grapes,kalkandu.Mix well.
Leave it to get cooled a little (Don't cool it completely..u cannot make ladoos then)
Take a tsp of ghee and rub on ur palm.
Then make ladoos according to the size u desire..
  • Don't make the boondis to cook completely.They will become very crispy.
  • Ladoos will taste very good after a day.It will taste very sweet on few hours of making but after some hours u will find the sugar amount is apt.
  • Make it to dry for some time and then pack it.
  • Sugar consistency should be single thread.
  • Dont make the syrup in too advance or else it will crystallise
  • If u want to add some edible Camphor then add in very small quantity.
  • If the sugar consistency is lesser than the single thread then u will end up in making sweet boondis.U will not be able to make ladoos.Then enjoy the boondhis..
  • If the gram flour water consistency is very thick then u will end up in making boondhis with a tail.If so add little water and mix it
  • If the consistency is very thin then the boondi will be very very thin.If so add little flour and mix it.
  • The gram flour-water should be of a consistency slightly thicker than the bajji consistency.
  • U can also add crushed cardamom instead of the cardamom powder.
  • Don't make the boondi-sugar syrup mixture to get cooled completely.
  • Instead of special boondi ladle u can use any ladle with perforated ones.The size of the boondi depends on the size of the hole in the perforated ladle.
  • Wipe the ladle every time before u pour the batter onto it so that u get nice round shaped boondis.
  • Don't hold the ladle too high from the oil.It will not end up at making round shaped boondis..


  1. chotta bheem's energy booster.... my kid loves it ..... thanks amud for ur easy method

    1. Tk u geetha and just make it and let me know how it turned up too

  2. chotta bheem's energy booster.... my kid loves it ..... thanks amud for ur easy method