Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tomato Rasam/Thakkali Rasam

Rasam is my daughter Yazhini's favourite dish.She loves to drink rasam after her lunch.So I keep trying different types of rasam at home .When I feel lazy to cook i end up at making rasam.As this rasam calls for less amount of tamarind I love to have it..This tastes too good with hot steamed rice.
Instead of making the same type of rasam try this different rasam and enjoy having it..
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thalicha Puli sadham--left overs special-My grandma's way

Bored of normal puliohara..then try this version.I remember my grandma doing this dish when rice gets remained at night..As our lifestyle had changed we hardly take rice at nights..
Last week for a change I made rice at night and lots of it got remained .I don't wanted to waste it ..This reminded  me of my grandma's pulisadham which she used to prepare.This tastes very yummy...
Just prepared this and had it with appalam...the taste was heavenly..
My grandma even though, not much educated knew that turmeric powder and tamarind are good preservatives and used it wisely to do this rice.She had learnt from her u can add this to grandma's recipe..!! this year's World Environment Day's theme..So don't waste/throw food.Use it wisely
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gongura Pickle/Thokku

Gongura..the red sorrel leaves...Had heard a lot of it but this was the first time I tried cooking it..Infact I had tasted at my mom's place..Last week one of my friend brought some red sorrel leaves and dosakai from Andhra...I was so happy to see the leaves and thought I should try some pickle out of it.Immediately browsed Sailu's space and got the recipe from her blog...
Just followed the recipe from her blog and the taste was just awesome with hot steamed rice..
Thank U soumya for the gongura leaves..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Spaghetti with Spinach Walnut Pesto

I somehow wanted my kids to take in greenleaves and found this ,as the apt way to make them eat the greenies..In the original pesto calls for grinding the greenies raw..which I found uncomfortable with my kids..So tossed it a little and made this as my kids favourite breakfast..
It is very easy to make and my kids don't  make me to run at the back to make them complete this spaghetti plate!!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Easy Kara Kuzhambu/Vellai Poondu Vengaya Kuzhambu

This is the first gravy dish I learnt after my marriage.Though the procedure is very short the balance of tamarind and chilli powder plays the important role at bringing out the taste.This dish is commonly made in all families and each one call by their own common name.Some refer it as Easy Kara Kuzhambu,some as vellai poondu Vengayam Kuzhambu and some as sunda kuzhambu..
With minimal ingredients this dish can be made and the taste is exotic..With a simple appalam u can just have a feast.Additionally this kuzhambu stays well for more than 2 days too, when refrigerated..
With slight variations and addition of masalas, the same kuzhambu can be made in many different tastes..
Anyone who is new to the kitchen can start trying this dish...
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Chaat Chutneys-Sweet Chutney

What I love the most in this chutney is that u can store it for more than a month!!And also the sweet-sour taste combination is awesome.My kids love to have it for Idly and dosa apart from the regular chaats.
Sweet Chutney-Khajur Imli Ki Chutney-Tamarind date chutney is a sweet-sour combination of chutney that is prepared using tamarind,jaggery and dates.It goes very well with Idly,Dosa,puri and french fries too.(For the sweet lovers only)It is usually served with the chaat items and also referred as chaat chutney..
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boondhi Ladoo

This is my all time favourite sweet...People in my family always come with ladoo when they visit us..I never thought I can make ladoos at home!!!After making it and relishing it I was so proud of me!!(Shouldn't...but still!!).Yes Readers.. it is very easy to make and just follow the steps..u will end up in sweet ladoos..

During any function a cook used to come to our house and make ladoos in larger numbers.They taste too good and can be stored for more days too when properly handled.I got addicted to the taste and finally learned the sweet formulae!!
After googling a number of recipes I sticked to this one from spicytreats and the end product was just awesome!!
The funniest part is that when I made ladoos and gave to my 4 year old daughter Yazhini she asked me whether I made it for Chotta Bheem(She is an ardent fan of chotta Bheem) and compelled me to pass all the ones to her favourite hero!!
Make this ladoo and enjoy the sweetest moment in ur life!!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paani Poori/Gol Gappa/Poochka

I had never tried chaat at home.And it was the first time I made this chaat at home.Of course we have had it from road side vendors and in some north Indian Restaurants.Last week one of my friend S gave me a pack of Pooris for the chaat.I was much delighted to see those pooris..With no much waiting I made immediately the sweet Chutney and the pani/Spicy water for the poori and made Pani pooris.Will surely try make these crispy pooris at home and will post the recipe soon..What is so appealing in this is sweet chutney and the pani can stay for more days when refrigerated
My kids just gulped the pooris and in few minutes all the pooris vanished and I was left with a few numbers(after sparing a few to take shots).By the time I completed my photo session the plate was empty ..
Make this chaat at home and have this during ur chat..
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cracked Wheat Biriyani/Kodhumai Ravai Biriyani

When I get bugged of rice I switch on to wheat products.I usually cook this biriyani for an afternoon lunch accompanied by a vegetable salad.My children hate upma and So i made a slight modification and made a biriyani out of it which fasinated my kids to taste this.So I avoided uttering the word Upma and started mesmerising them with the magic word Biriyani...
It is very easy to make and also very taste when made with all the biriyani ingredients...
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kazhugumalai-Explore how saivism and jainism coexisted....

Kazhugumalai was on our to-visit spots for longer time.Whenever we plan to visit the place somehow some hindrances kept coming..But a week back we were very rigid that we should visit the place.So started our journey to kazhugumalai from Tuticorin at 7 AM.We packed our breakfast and lunch and started our travel.The sun was very harsh in the morning at Tuticorin.We thought it would be difficult to climb the vettuvan koil..

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vadai Moor Kuzhambu..My Mom's Version

Moor kuzhambu is always my favourite only when Vadai is added to it.My mother used to cook it only with paruppu vadai.But my mother in law cooks in an entirely different way.She adds simple vegies like ladies finger,suraikai etc to make the moor kuzhambu.Both of it taste entirely different.
The one I am posting is the one which my mom makes at home.It tastes good only with paruppu vadai.It is less spicy and at the same time it is very delicious to have..I love the taste of soaked Paruppu vadai.It goes very well with Rasam rice..
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Chettinad Pepper Chicken

Pepper and chicken go very well with each other.They give an exotic flavour and taste to the dish.I had been there to my parent's home last month for the vacation and thought I should try some non-vegetarian recipes..For the non-vegetarian recipes I always follow solai achi's blog..Similarly even this time I borrowed the recipe from her and tried it.It came out too well that I cannot describe..
It tasted nearly similar to that of Anjappar Restaurant's Pepper chicken..
Try out this for the forthcoming weekend and enjoy the spicy taste..
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Curd Rice/Thayir Sadham

I can survive with curd rice alone.My lunch is complete only with a curd rice.My daughters love to have them for their packed lunch.So most of the time at home I end up making roti,a subji and curd rice..After getting married to a Brahmin guy I got used of making the curd rice very often at home.HH haves curd with all stuff including Dosa,idly,upma n even Tamarind rice.So it had become a common dish at home.
Curd is very essential for the growing children.They have a bacteria which helps in the digestion process.My doctor advised to give curd for my kid from 8 months on wards...
I was much hesitant to post this very common dish..But one of my friend wanted me to post it..So this post is for the new ones entering the kitchen..
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garlic Amaranth Masiyal/Keerai Poondu Masiyal

Keerai/Green Leaves taste heaven when they are cooked in a delicious way.Touch wood both of my kids love to have green leaves in any cooked form.
The one that I had mentioned here is apt for the kids and for the ones who love garlic taste and smell.
After delivery and in the early stages of the childhood this dish is advisable to have.As it contain lots of garlic, it is very very healthy to have.It is very very less spicy and kids will love to have it.
It is an apt food for the growing kids,pregnant ladies and also for the new mothers..
I give this for the lunch along with gobi 65/Potato for the kids and they will love this combination.
Just try this for ur kids and make them healthier..
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Raw mango Rice/maangai Sadham

Last week we visited our home town and got home lots of mangoes from our garden..The mangoes were very fresh and I wanted to make some rice out of it.I remembered my mother serving me this rice when I was pregnant.So i thought I can make it now and pass it to one of my friend who is pregnant..
This rice tastes very delicious with the crunchy dhals,cashews and groundnuts inbetween the sour taste of the raw mango..A very simple dish to make during this mango season..So make this and enjoy the mango season.
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Vegetable Kurma-Saravana Bhavan Style..

Living in a non-metro town is always an advantage in all aspects..Though we got many chances to shift to a metro city both me and my hubby were fasinated by the non-metro life....Starting right from mettur to Tuticorin I loved the place where we lived..
I had earlier posted in my Kara chutney post about the Saravana Bhavan opened in Punnai Nagar,a place near Tuticorin..I had told u that I got the recipe from the chef who is working there.Similarly last month we visited Thiruchendur and had our dinner at Saravana Bhavan,Punnai nagar (The native place of the owner of Saravana Bhavan)....My daughter usually orders South Indian Parotta..which is accompanied by 2 types of kurma..The kurma was so tempting and was also tasty..Luckily on that day again I peeped into the kitchen (There was no one except our family there!!It was a week day!!)to give a word of appreciation of a dish...and silently asked about the grinded masala..He just gave a quick ingredients list...I grasped it and tried it the next week...My mom had it for roti and with a big smile she told it matched with the taste of the hotel..I was so happy that day..
I thought i should share it with the blog readers so that you can make n relish the kurma of the restaurant style..
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garlic Chutney

One of my favourite ingredient is garlic.It has many medicinal use and luckily all my kids love the flavour of garlic.I add more garlic to all my dishes.When I run out of vegetables or when I plan for a week trip I do take this side dish along with me.
My children had their summer vacation and we had been travelling a lot for the past one month.Of course we had many short trips spanning for 1-2 days..I usually pack some home made stuffs too while we travel,in which this garlic chutney always travels along with us.It tastes very good with Idly and Curd rice.At times I do spread it on the bread and take it...
Those who don't love the odour of garlic will not like this chutney ,but definitely it tastes exotic with idly and curd rice.
So make this,Pack it for ur picnic and relish the chutney with Idly..
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