Friday, July 26, 2013

Mutton Kola Urundai-Madurai Kumar Mess Special

I had heard a lot about kola urundai but didn't have any chance to taste it.Moreover I don't like mutton and I hardly cook mutton at home too..Last week we went to Madurai Philatelic Bureau(This is all time great Obsession from my childhood!!)to collect the new philatelic stamps..We had our lunch at Kumar Mess-a famous non vegetarian hotel in Madurai which serves many exotic chettinad varieties.
By compulsion of the one who served,I happened to taste the kola urundai...To my surprise I had 3 pieces and Hari was surprised to see me eating Mutton Kola Urundai (I don't like mutton!!)The balls didn't have a drop of oil in it..though it was deep fried!!!
I just felt in love with the Kumar mess Kola Urundai.I came home but still cannot forget the taste.
I kept browsing many blogs,but finally followed Solai Achi's recipe and made these balls.What a surprise!!!It tasted similar to that of the ones which I had tasted at the Kumar mess.It was a super hit and passed a few balls to my friends..Even they were much taken back by the exotic taste of the balls..
So do try it and U will then say kola urundais are much easier to make..
Just stick on to the ingredients..Don't do any changes..Do as I did..I strictly followed Solai Achi's recipe..
For the recipe please click READ MORE below...


Recipe source:Solai Achi

Serves:15 balls

150 gms of minced Mutton-Boneless
2 nos of whole dry red chillies
1 Tbsp of roasted gram/Pottu kadalai/varu kadalai
4 nos of cashewnuts
1 Tsp of fennel seeds
2 Tbsp of grated coconut
5-6 nos of small onions/Shallots
6 pods of garlic
2 Tsp of grated ginger
1 no. of cardamom
1/2 inch of cinnamon
1 no of clove
Few curry leaves
1 no. of egg
Salt to taste
Oil for deep/shallow fry


Keep all the ingredients ready.The correct quantity of the ingredients should be used.Do follow the same quantities or else ur urundai will not taste or turn out well.
In a pan first add oil.
Then temper it with cinnamon,cardamom,clove,curry leaves.Then add ginger(either grated or piece).Saute it.

Then add garlic,onions and saute it.
Add the green,red chillies,cashew and saute till the ingredients get roasted well.

Then add fennel seeds and saute it.
Add coconut,saute it.
Finally add roasted gram and give a slight roast.
Keep all the roasted ingredients aside.Let it get cooled.

Add little oil and saute the minced mutton.If u have whole mutton then use a mixie to mince it.let it be boneless.Saute the mutton for 2-3 minutes.
(Usually in the original chettinad recipe they don't saute the mutton.They add it raw.)
But I want the mutton to get cooked well.So i sauted it.See to it that it gets half cooked and also water gets dries up completely.
Cool the mutton.
In a mixie add all the roasted items(except mutton)

Grind it.Don't add water at any stages.
Then add mutton and salt.
Grind it nicely so that it becomes a thick dough like thing.
Don't add water.If u want just sprinkle very little water.If u add water then making the balls will be difficult and they will absorb lots of oil while deep frying

(If u want to reserve some for the next day's cooking then at this stage keep it in the fridge)

Add a whole egg(both yolk and white) to the grinded mixture.

Mix well till the egg mixes well with the mixture.
Make small  round smooth balls.The balls should not be too big.. If so it will not get cooked inside.
The ball should be of the size of the squash ball(this is my another present obsession!!).The ball should be of the size of gulab jamun-before frying..or a medium sized lemon.
Heat oil in medium flame.I did shallow frying.U can also do deep frying.The taste will not vary much

Fry them in oil till they become dark brown in colour.
Serve them hot as a starters or u can do kola urundai Kuzhambu with it..


  • While grinding the mixture don't add water.Or else it will absorb more oil
  • See to it that u take boneless mutton.
  • Heat oil in medium flame.If u keep it in high flame the outer layer will become black soon but it will not get cooked inside.
  • If u want to reserve some in the fridge and make it the next day,then do all the things as mentioned in the procedure.Don't add egg.Keep the mixture as such in the fridge and when u want to fry it add egg mix, make balls and fry it.
  • Let the mixture be little coarse.
  • U can also deep fry it.I did shallow fry.The taste didn't vary.
  • Don't make big balls.Make it in the size of a gulab jamun(medium sized).If u make big size it will not get cooked inside.Also the ball will tend to break when u deep fry it.
  • If u don't make the ball in correct size it will tend to break.So making the correct size is the most important one.Also while making balls roll it nicely so that there are no cracks.It should be smooth.
  • The same procedure can be used for making chicken balls too...



  1. hi amu i am priya from madurai very nice recipe thank you

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  6. Your instructions are very clear and my mutton balls came out very nicely. thank you and keep posting for more new recipes...

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