Thursday, February 28, 2013

Makhani Masala/Butter based tomato cream Sauce

This is the base gravy for most of the gravies that call for tomato gravy in cream sauce.If u keep ready this sauce then u can make Paneer Makhani,Malai Koftas,Murgh makhani within few minutes.I usually make in  larger quantities and freeze it.So when guests visit us,with no haste and tension I make this easy and rich Curry
The name Makhani means Butter and these makhani dishes are very famous in Punjab.Though the process takes more time,it is very handy when sudden guests visit us!!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yellow Cucumber in lentils/Dosakaya Pappu (Andhra Delicacy)

Yellow cucumber/Dosakayya pappu is all time favourite daal of Andhrites.This dhal tastes very different and can be made quick with less ingredients.Some of their authentic dishes include mamidi,Gongura and Dosakaya pappu.
Dosakaya/Yellow cucumber is a tangy vegetable which belongs to cucumber family.They are very commonly used in Andhra Pradesh.If not, u can substitute it with Chow-Chow but I cannot promise u that u will get the same taste..
Last week one of my friend Soumya passed me some Dosakaya..I am seeing the vegetable for the first time.Of course  had heard of Dosakaya but never had a chance to see it.The vegetable looked very appealing and felt like cooking the same day.Dosakaya is used predominately with non vegetarian dishes.It enhances the flavour the taste of the dish.
Thank u so much soumya for the Dosakayas from Andhra...
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ragi Semiya Upma (Red millet Vermicelli Upma)

Ragi/Finger millet is poorman's grain earlier.But now it had changed the other way round.Ragi had become a part of the meal for most of the people who are diet conscious.Ragi have low glycemic index and have more fiber content.More over they are slow to digest and hence it will not make u feel hungry for longer time period.
Now a days readymade ragi Vermicellis are available at all shops.Earlier my mom used to mix ragi flour with wheat flour and make Ragi Idiyappams out of it.You can either try making the sevais at home or make use of the readymade ragi Vermicellis.
It is very handy and heart filling breakfast for a busy morning.I make 2 versions of it.The spicy one and a sweeter version .My kids love the sweeter version of mixing sugar and  grated coconut to it.It is a nutritious breakfast to start with!!
The recipe that I had mentioned here is the one that was printed at the back of Anil Ragi Semiya's Pack.
Ragi is very good for weight control,Diabetes and more over they cool your body..
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Peanut Chutney/Groundnut Chutney

This chutney I make very often at my home as my kids just love groundnuts(Peanuts).My mother used to make it in another way.When coconuts costed more, she manages by making this chutney,which doesn't take much time to make too.With a slight modification I had made this chutney which turned out very well and suited apt for Hot idlies.
The recipe that I had mentioned here is of andhra style.I had slightly reduced the number chillies only.If u want the chutney to be very hot add more chillies !!
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tomato Sevai/Tomato Idiyappam

Idiyappams and sevai are always my favourite.When we were at mettur my neighbour used to make different types of sevai.They call it as santhagai!!I always make more idiyappams and reserve some to make variety of sevais.They are very easy to make and take very less time to cook.I make idiyappams for dinner and reserve some to make sevai for the next day breakfast...They are very handy to make during busy morning hours.Sometimes when I run out of time I pack it even for lunch!!
They taste similiar to that of tomato rice with less spicyness..U can make the same tomato sevai in different ways.Sometimes I just toss it with tomato thokku too which tastes little different.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Thaval Vadai/Thavalai Vadai/Thavil vada (Chettinad Delicacy)

Thaval Vada aka Thavalai vadai is a yummy dhal rice vadai.I was tasting it for the first time and got addicted to it.One of my friend Saradha's mom who is a native of Kovilpatti makes yummy delicious authentic dishes.She came to visit her daughter..Whenever she comes here to tuty ,she passes on yummy dishes to our house too.On her last visit I had been asking her to pass me some yummy and healthy authentic dishes.She remembered it and called me one day to teach me some of the dishes.So nice of her..I adore her love for cooking and a special love for her patience.Even now she keeps trying new recipes!!She had passed many recipes and tips to me which u can find here and there at my blog.Thank U so so much aunty....Just love ur passion!!
This Vadai tastes very different from the other vadais.Those who love adai will definitely love this vadai.This snack is of Chettinad delicacy.It is crispy at the top and soft inside.It is rich in protein and it is a perfect  evening snack for the kids.They are easy to make as the shape is not important for this type of Vadai.Whatever shape u make it will taste yummy.Have it super hot...then u will super like the snack
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

SnowBall Cookies/Melting moments (EGGLESS)

This post was lying at my folder for months..Now I felt it is the apt time to post it for my dear friend..Yes today is my friend's Bday and would love to give her a virtual treat.Gaju..This post is for u...Wishing u a very very happy Bday dear!!
This is the easiest cookies that I had ever made and it tastes so yummy that with little ease u could make yummy cookies.Like the name, the cookies just melt into ur mouth..It tastes similiar to that of mexican wedding cookies but ofcourse there are differences between both the types.They can be stored well upto 2 weeks too.I always love the naankhatai type of one that is sold at Indian bakeries especially the ones from Iyengar bakeries ..
They are so soft and after learning to make these cookies I seldom get biscuits/cookies from shops.My kids just love to have these cookies.Infact I made some earlier which my children finished it off without leaving for me to take a shot for the blogpost..I again made it yesterday and virtually treated my friend with these cookies..
Try this easy and yummy cookies...
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Gajar Ka Halwa/Carrot Halwa

Last week I was held up with my elder daughter's mid term assessments..I am fed up with the system of exams and assessments that they do at schools in India.Though the school claims it of ICSE syllabus,their examination system just tests the memory power and mugging up power of the kids!!!The systems are terrific and my daughter just hate to sit and write her exams!!!
You would have been wondering what carrot halwa has to do with the education systems!!Saindavi,my elder one who is in grade III have a hindi poem on Gajar Ka Halwa...I was teaching her the poem for her assessment and she suddenly asked me to bribe her with carrot halwa for her to finish off the poem..I was happy that I could club her desire with adding that recipe to the blog!!
Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa is a traditional punjabi dish made with carrots and milk.Carrots are simmered in milk and sugar till evaporated.It can be had either cold or warm.I love to have it as cold Icecream+Hot Gajar Ka Halwa..lovely combination to taste!!I always add less sweet so that my kids would take them in larger quantity.It is very easy to make and in whatever way u make it tastes very yummy..
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wheat-Jaggery Muffins(EGGLESS)

It was long since I baked.My children started asking for cookies and cakes.But I don't wanted them to have maida stuff.So grasped a wheat muffins recipe and was very happy when the recipe called for jaggery instead of  sugar.Immediately I tried it and the taste n flavour was awesome.My elder kid who hates jaggery loved to have this muffin..(Of course I didn't reveal her that I had added Jaggery!!).The muffins came out moist,soft and yummy too!!!
First I thought of icing the muffins but my kids couldn't wait for some more time.So with less effort I clicked very few clicks with not much arrangements made for the photo session.The moment I packed my camera the muffins disappeared into my kid's mouth.They found it very yummy and I baked again another batch of muffins as my elder daughter wanted to share it with her friends the next day for the snack time!!
Like the kids even I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post this recipe...I somehow managed my time and this is of course  is a very hot post!!!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Achu Murukku/Rose Cookies (Eggless)

Achu Murukku/Rose Cookies is a variety of mild sweet snack. I never thought that I could make this at home. Some days back I happened to taste this snack at one of my friend's (Sharadha) house.She told that her sister had made it.It was too yummy and crispy that I completed the whole plate!!I requested  Sharadha to ask her sister the recipe.To my delight her sister came home to show us how to make these yummy snack.Thank u so much sharadha and her sister who readily accepted my request...Tk u..Tk u..Tk u..This post is dedicated to both of u dear!!
Achu Murukku is a mild sweet dish made with a special mould fixed on a long handle.Preparation time is very very less and if the mould is good we will certainly end up at making delicious shapy cookies...
With a  slight variations in the measurement and with the addition of coconut milk I tried the next day..It came out very well and was so easy to make too!!
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ennai KathiriKai Kuzhambu/Egg plant gravy

Though I don't take brinjals often I love them when my mom makes ennai kathirikai kuzhambu..The enhanced taste is by the type of brinjal that they add for the kuzhambu.Mullu kathirikai(brinjal with little thorns)tastes awesome for this kuzhambu.The other varieties can also be used to make this gravy.
Last month my mom bought me the Mullu kathirikai(Brinjal) from vellore.At Tuticorin we don't get good varieties of brinjals.Even if it is available they taste tasteless!!I made my mom to make this gravy the next day and we had it with sutta appalam.Yummy and heavenly the lunch was..that too from mom!!I love to have this gravy with curd rice!!H loves to have this with sponge dosa..
One of my Schoolmate had been asking for a long time to post this recipe..The delay was due to the unavailability of mullu kathirikai!!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Vaangi Bhath/Egg Plant Rice

I love the vibrant colour of the brinjals especially the purple one.They are very rich in Iron.Somehow or other my kids kept on looking at this vegetable as an  enemy.I wanted to include all the vegetables in their daily routine.I tried making this pulao and it tasted too good that my kids could not find out that the vegetable added was brinjal.From then on I regularly packed them for their lunch box.
Eggplant rice is popularly known as Vangi Bhath.Vangi means Brinjal in marathi.The version that they make at maharastra is different .I happened to taste this bhath at Bangalore.Vangi Bhath Masala powder can be made and stored for months together.The preparation time is not more than 10 minutes if the masala powder is done.It becomes a perfect lunch box recipe with fried pappad/Onion Raita.There are many versions of this vangi bhath.MTR's Vangi Bhath powder tastes good but I prefer home made powder than the others!!The one that I had mentioned here is of Karnataka style.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unnakayi/Sweet Cotton Pods(Malabar Special)

When we went to wayanad we happened to taste this sweet dish at one of H's friend's house.It was so yummy that we could not tell the stuffing was scrambled sweet egg.She made 2 versions of it.One with the egg stuffing and the other with the non-egg one.Both tasted equally good.
I was held up with my younger kid yazhini's admission for the last one week.Finally she topped 2nd in the whole lot of kiddies who attended the interview .Was much overwhelmed when they announced the result.She loved this sweet dish and thought I should congratulate her with her favourite sweet!!
Coming the the sweet.Unnakayi in malayalam means Cotton Pods.Since the sweet resembles (Don't look at the shape I had made!!I am a beginner!!) Cotton it is named as Unnakayi.It is an authentic sweet dish of Moplahs of Kerala(Muslims of northern part of Kerala).This sweet, they make during the holy month of ramadan to break the fasting..Ramadan is a holy month for muslims because it is in that month that Prophet Muhammed received revelations from God then it became the holy book,Quran.During Ramadan from dawn to dusk they abstain from taking food,water and all pleasures.Only 2 meals one Souhoor, the food taken before dawn and Iftaar the one taken after the sunset.
Unnakayi is a sweet dish made with steamed,mashed and stuffed plantains which are later deep fried..
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tomato Chutney-I

When I run out of time this is the side dish I make for rotis.They are very handy to carry during journeys and easy to make too.They taste good with Dosa also.With the remaining chutney I mix it up with rice and have it as tomato rice.
It is purely a south Indian style of preparation.There are many variations in which the chutney is made.This is one of the style .Others I will be posting it later.
A single sidedish serves as a multipurpose dish....Side dish for Roti,Tomato Chutney wraps,Side Dish for Dosa,Tomato Rice,Spread for the Breads,Side dish for Curd rice etc..I make it in larger quantities and make all the variations and serve the kid!!
The combination of sweet and sour taste is very yummy to have..
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dondakaaya Chutney- Kovakkai(Tindora)Chutney-Andhra Style

Andhra food recipes are known for its spicy flavour.They make variety of chutneys and Podis.Chutneys are served with the normal meal.Chutneys are very tasty,spicy and aromatic.They make many varieties for lunch.Podi,Pickle,Chutney,pappu/Rasam,curd makes a normal lunch.I was surprised by the amount of green chillies they use for the cuisine..Of course they do add ghee to overcome this spicyness!!They make chutneys with every vegetable..And they tasted too good.So I borrowed some of their chutney recipes,decreased the number of chillies and made the delicious chutneys for my kids who are very much hesitant to have these vegetables.I either give them with rice,or with a layer of chutney on dosa..
Now I had started to give my kids a chutney rice,Dhal rice,curd rice and a vegetable for the lunch which I feel a complete lunch for the kids!!
I had been pestering my friend Santhi,native of Hyderabad to make a dish for my blog..for 2 months..She makes yummy yummy and spicy dishes..I love the bittergourd Podi that she makes!!One fine day she called me to show the procedure of this dondakaya/Tindora/Kovakkai chutney.Just grabbed my camera and jumped into her kitchen..She made it within minutes and it tasted too good for hot hot rice with ghee..
Thank u So much Santhi for sharing this recipe with me..
Ivy gourd/Tindora/Dondakaya is  a small green coloured vegetable that belongs to cucumber family.They are very healthy and rich in beta-Carotene.They also reduce the blood sugar level.It can be either stir fried,deep fried or had as a chutney..It has a crunchy texture.They are also rich in protein and fibre..
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spicy green Peas Briyani

I love to make one pot meals..Usually I make peas pulao with  green peas which always needed an accompaniment.But this spicy green peas briyani goes well with the simple raita or Pappad.I got this recipe from a tamil magazine.With little bit of modification I made this one and it turned out too well.The aroma of the mint that is added for the dish is very much appealing in look as well as in taste.
I used seeraga samba rice as I feel Basmathi rice takes much time in digestion.
Hot Briyani,Pappad,Curd rice would make a complete packed lunch.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Arisi Ravai Upma/Broken Rice Upma

This is my dad's favourite breakfast..My mother makes it very often at home.This one is usually cooked in VengalaPaanai and all of us at home love to have the Kaanthal(the burnt part of the upma).This goes very well with coconut chutney.With the same ingredients we also make Upma Kozhukattai which is served as an evening snack/Dinner.As this contains rice and dhal it would be an apt one to have for the breakfast.
I break the rice to kurunai and use it for the idlies too.The rice-dhal mixture that we make can be stored for long days.I make it ready in a bulk quantity and reserve them for further cooking in future when I run out of vegetables and time
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