Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keerai Mor Kootu/Greenleaves in yogurt gravy

After my marriage and getting into a brahmin family Curd/Yogurt had became the most important item at my kitchen.Breakfast/dinner/lunch will not be perfectly finished without having curd in the meal.So making dishes out of yogurt had become a routine in my kitchen.I had learnt to make various dishes out of curd which taste delicious during the summer season.
Green leaves and curd make an exotic combination and anyone who loves curd but hates green leaves will also love this dish.It can be had as a sidedish for Vathakuzhambu or simply with steamed rice.
It is a less spicy and soothing dish to have in summer.
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Wash the green leaves thoroughly with water.
Chop the leaves and the tender stems.
In a thick bottomed pan add the chopped green leaves.Add little water(Don't add too much..)and allow it to cook.
It will take 5-8 minutes for the green leaves to get cooked.
Don't cook the green leaves in high flame.U may lose the nutrients
Grind green chillies,coconut,cumin seeds and rice flour to a nice smooth paste.Add water and make it into smooth paste.Grind the ingredients raw.No need of roasting.
By this time the green leaves would have got cooked

Add the grinded paste to the cooked green leaves and mix well.
Allow it to cook for few minutes so that the raw smell goes off.
Then add salt and mix well.
Finally add the thick curd/yogurt and mix well.See to it that the flame is in low.Or else curd will get curdled.
After adding curd don't cook for longer time.
Mix well
Then in a tadka pan add oil and add items mentioned in to temper (Mustard seeds and curry leaves)
Add them to the Keerai and curd mixture and serve it.
Serve it as a side dish for the vathaKuzhambu.It tastes good with steamed rice too.
  • Instead of green leaves u can use stems of the green leaves(Thandu)
  • U can add more green chillies to make the dish more spicier.
  • U can temper the dish using coconut oil.This gives a nice flavour to the dish.
  • The amount of addition of curd varies according to the consistency u need.
  • U can use Amaranth,spinach or any variety of green leaves.I used Amaranth.
  • Cook the dish in low flame so that u don't lose the nutrients in green leaves.
  • After adding curd don't cook for longer time.Curd will get curdle.
  • The dish will get sour taste when u keep it for longer hours and the taste of the dish varies according to the taste of the curd



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