Thursday, July 18, 2013

Onion Chutney/Vengaya Chutney

When I break my head to decide on what to make as side dish for Dosa/Idly, it readily comes in mind to me..It tastes awesome with curd rice too..
I don't want to elaborate stories together before entering into the recipe...
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Instead of big onions u can use small onions too which gives a nice flavour and taste.
Add oil to the pan and fry urad dhal till it reaches brown and keep it aside.
In the same pan add dry red chillies and saute it.

In the same pan add ginger and saute it and keep it aside.
Then add coconut and saute it till the raw smell goes off.
In the same pan add onions and saute it till it becomes translucent.

Saute tomato till the raw smell goes off.
Keep all the ingredients saute'd aside and let it cool.
In the same pan add little oil and add mustard seeds and urad dhal.

Add curry leaves and saute it well.Keep it aside along with the oil.
In the mixie first add 1 Tbsp of urad dhal(roasted),roasted coconut,roasted ginger,asafoetida,tamarind,red chillies and saute it finely.

Then add onion and tomato(roasted) and grind it into a nice paste

Then add the items mentioned in To temper(oil,urad dhal,mustard seeds,curry leaves all roasted) and give a quick grind.Don't grind it smoothly now.For a crunchy urad dhal in between the chutney give a quick mix..

Serve it for hot steamed idlies,Dosa


Instead of small onions big onions can also be used.I used a mixture of big and small onions.
In addition to red chillies green chillies can also be added.
To give a crunchy taste in between I add roasted urad dhal finally and give a quick mix..



  1. Amudha, Chutney was spicy and tasty. Using ginger gave a distinct taste:)