Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paneer Tikka

Now a days my kids keep demanding more delicious snacks for their evening.And this was the one which topped their list!!I could not escape from them for many days...So one fine day they started to school with a demand of tikka for the evening snack...I made this with lots of love and it turned out to be a sooooper hit at our home.It was a joyous moment to see the happiness in the kids eyes..Love those memorable moments..Saindhavi n Yazhini just relished the tikkas ..Hugged n kissed me with love and said..My mamma is the best..What else I need in this world!!!..
(This is the reason I didn't have enough time to make for a good photosession.The clicks are not good and don't want my lovely kids to wait to relish it!!!)
For the recipe pls press READ MORE below...



Cube the paneer and keep it aside.
Cube capsicum,onion and tomato too.U can use red/yellow capsicum too.I used a green one.
Soak the wooden skewers in water for atleast 1/2 an hour before baking  to avoid burning of the skewers.

In a mixing bowl add hung curd/thick yogurt,all masala powders mentioned in the ingredients list and mix well.

Marinate the cubed paneer with the mixed paste prepared above.
If the paste gets remained marinate the cubed veggies too.Or else u can arrange the vegetable just like that in the skewers

See to it that each piece gets coated well.
Refrigerate it for 3-4 hours.

Preheat the oven to 230 degrees C.(If u want stove top method/microwave method then refer the handy tips )

Arrange the paneer,capsicum,onion in the skewers.
Grease the tray with oil.If u are using foil just brush the foil.
Brush the veggies,paneer on the skewers with oil.
Bake the skewers with the veggies for 13-15 minutes.
Inbetween turn the skewers so that they get cooked evenly on all sides.Or else paneer will break when u take it out finally

Serve it  hot with green chutney.


  • Use only thick curd.If u don't have then hang the regular curd(About 1/4 cup) in a muslin cloth/Cotton dhoti so that all the water gets drained and u end up with thick curd.
  • While serving u can sprinkle some chaat masala powder and lemon juice.
  • U can also add pepper powder for marination.
  • Ajwain too can be added it u love the flavour of it.But more addition of ajwain will end up at strong aroma and taste of ajwain rather than the tikka
  • The timing for the oven varies according to the make.
  • U can also use stove top method to make tikkas.Add few drops of oil in a flattened pan/Tava and arrange the tikkas.In a low flame heat it till the end gets browned.
  • Turn in skewers with the veg n paneer arranged after 5 minutes so that even grilling takes place .And also if u don't do it,finally when u take the skewers from the foil/tray paneer gets stuck to the tray.
  • If u are using Microwave:
    • Don't use aluminium foil in the microwave
    •  use microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes.
  • I loved to have the onions little brown.So I baked for few more minutes.
  • More baking will make the paneer rubbery!!
  • U can also use metal skewers.
  • If u have paneer tikka masala powder with u then omit all the masalas except curd.So mix the powder,curd and then marinate the paneer then bake it.

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