Friday, July 19, 2013

Ethakkappam/Pazham Pori/Banana Fritters

Amazingly it was drizzling at Tuticorin a day back.One of my friend from Shenkottai sent me fresh nethrampazham/Ethakka from her farmhouse.Thought of making it on a cloudy day and have it with Tea for a nice evening..It tasted too good in that weather with a  sip of hot tea.
Though it is 2 hours travel from Tuticorin to Tenkasi the weather at both the places are extremely different.We usually visit Courtallam during this season..Apart from taking a shower at Courtallam falls ,taking a ride in the Shenkottai kerala border is just pictureque.U will fall in love with the place if u visit it during June-July..With a mild drizzling u can enjoy the lovely weather of that area.
For the kids I deep fry it and for us I used the paniyaram kadai to make it oil free!!
Coming back to the recipe..
For the recipe pls click read more below..


1/2 Cup of Maida/All purpose flour/Atta/Wheat flour
1 Tbsp of Rice flour
2 Riped bananas
1 Tbsp of Sugar (optional and depends on the sweetness of the banana)
Salt to taste
3/4 Cup of water(u can adjust it till 1 cup..look for the consistency)
1/2 Tsp of Turmeric powder(optional)


Peel off the ripened bananas and slice them.

In a mixing bowl add maida,rice flour,a pinch of cooking soda(optional),sugar (Optional)a pinch of turmeric powder(optional),salt and mix well.Add little water and make it in the form of a thick idly batter/Bajji consistency

Heat oil in a pan in medium flame.
Soak the sliced banana in the batter
Drop it into hot oil

Deep fry the bananas and strain off the excess oil from the fried bananas

An Alternative method

In the batter mash the bananas and make it as a thick batter.The consistency should be like the idli batter.See to it that the bananas get mashed well .U can run it in a mixie too if u feel lazy to mash it with the hand.
Heat a paniyaram kadai and add a drop of oil in each paniyaram holes.

Add a spoonful of batter into the paniyaram hole and allow it to get cooked on both the sides by turning them after few minutes.
Cook it in low flame.
Serve it hot


  • Instead of maida u can use atta/wheat flour too.There won't be much difference in the taste.
  • Adjust the sugar amount depending on the sweetness of the bananas.I didn't add any sugar as the bananas were very sweet.
  • This is specially done with ethakka/Nentharam pazham.It is a type of banana which taste very yummy and are found mostly in kerala.U can also try with medium riped Rasthali variety too if u don't find ethakka.
  • For the ones who don't want a deep fried one can opt for the paniyaram method which tasted equally tasty and good.
  • Don't increase the flame to high because they get cooked very soon.



  1. Amudha,
    wonderful recipe. Was an instant hit with kids.I did the paniyaram style:)

    Your friend Chammu (sweet)from BSMED

  2. Amudha,

    Wonderful recipe, did the paniyaram style and was an instant hit:)

    Your friend chammu from BSMED