Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Millets Dosai/Kodo Millet Dosai/Varagu Arisi Dosai

From the time I tasted the millets I tried to incorporate it in all our daily routine dishes.Just substituted it for the regular polished rice.

This is very easy to make as it requires very less amount of time to get soaked when compared with the rice. And also I used my mixie rather than the wet grinder to grind this batter.The batter came out very well and so the dosai.

My kids couldn't find out the difference in the dosa taste..It tasted good with onion chutney.U can have it with Kara chutney or with garlic chutney.Sambhar too will taste good

SO start using the millets and enjoy living a healthy and tasty life...

For the recipe click read more below..


3 Cups of Kodo Millet/Varagu Arisi
3/4 Cups of Whole Urad dhal
3/4 Cup of poha/Beaten rice/Aval
1 Tbsp of fenugreek seeds


  • Wash the millet for any husk and other impurities.Then Soak kodomillet/varagu Arisi separately for 2 hours.
  • Soak Urad Dhal  separately for 2 hours.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds separately.Reserve the water used for soaking to grind the batter
  • Soak poha/Aval when u start grinding.I used thin variety.So 5 minutes of soaking is very much sufficient for it.If u use thick variety of aval/Poha then soak it for atleast 15-20 minutes.
  • After 2 hours grind the urad dhal and fenugreek seeds into a smooth paste.Add the water soaked in fenugreek seeds for grinding..They have much nutrients!!
  • Then add the millet to the grinded urad dhal and grind the mixture into a smooth batter.
  • Add salt to the batter and leave it to ferment for 8 hours.
  • Then make dosa/Idly with this millets batter and serve it with any spicy chutney.U can do all the variations that u do  with the normal dosa


  • Instead of poha u can add raw rice.
  • U can also use fox tailed millet too instead of varagu arisi..Samai,Thinai can be used to make dosa.
  • Don't throw away the water used for soaking fenugreek seeds.Use it while u grind.The water is very healthy.



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    1. Tk u .i tried ur tart and was a super hit!!tk u for passing by too!!

  2. Delicious millet dosai Amutha.

    1. Tk u swathi...after long time...

  3. where can I find Kuthiravaali,Kelvargu,Ragi,Tenai,Varagu,Samai,Kambu,Panivaragu,Cholam in Canada Vancouver or do anybody know a website that's ship worldwide ?

  4. hi,all ur recipes are coming very good,thank you for your step by step presentation.
    For the millet dosa i dont get two things clear one is when to add Aval to the batter, another one is after grinding the urad dhal weather we have to grind the millet along with it or we need to grind the millet separately,this tips will also be helpful for us to make a fine dosa.