Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Corn Golden fry

Baby corns are always very dearly to my daughters.They loved it in all forms and hence I started to use baby corn very often at home.Earlier I had posted babycorn stir fry and it was a super hit among my friends..They insisted me to post the recipe of Baby corn golden fry..Vacation had started for the kids and I find difficult to make them engaged...They  insist upon new games and also new dishes for them to munch..So I made this as an evening snack and my kids just loved to have it..
For the recipe please press READ MORE below..

Remove the husk from the babycorn and par boil the babycorns for 3-5 minutes.
Then cool it and slit it into long thin strips
In a wide plate take chilli powder,pepper powder,salt,maida,cornflour,ginger garlic paste,turmeric powder and mix all the powders well.Let the powder be dry.Don't add any water to it.
Then coat the babycorn strips with the powder and keep it in the fridge for 1/2 an hour
Heat oil in a pan and fry the baby corns.
Have it hot with tomato ketchup
  • Instead of frying it, u can bake it in the oven.
  • U can add green chilli paste ,instead of red chilli powder.
  • Rice flour can also be added.
  • Don't boil the baby corns too much.


  1. Delicious and crispy baby corn fry Amritha.

  2. I tried and got good taste and usually the raw smell is there even when it is boiled or fried.....
    but taste is good....

  3. Taste is good and the raw smell comes even when it boiled or fried......