Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pista Kulfi

Summer had started and we can feel the scorching heat..After the inconsistent power cuts I avoided getting ice-creams from shops.But u cannot deny your kids request for the ice-creams...

Kulfi/Qulfi ..the name itself brings a pleasant chill mood ..If I hadn't started this cooking blog I would have ended at purchasing the kulfi from the shops.I am so happy that I keep trying many new recipes for my blog and some had resulted exceptionally good...

One sunny morning we felt like tasting a nice immediately browsed few recipes for the kulfi..most of it called for condensed milk..But I omitted it and tried with the regular milk and the taste was so yummy that I couldn't resist eating only one!!

It is such an easy recipe..and far far healthier than the ones that are sold at shops..
So try this summer special Pista Kulfi and cool yourself..

For the recipe please press READ MORE below..




Remove the crust from all sides of the bread and break it into small pieces.
Grind bread,corn flour,pistachios along with 1/2 cup milk into a nice paste.
Keep the grinded paste aside


In a thick bottomed pan heat 2 cups of milk.Boil it till it becomes half(1 Cup of milk).Use heavy cream milk to get best results.Keep stirring it continously so that u mix the malai(cream/aadai)along with the milk and make it to boil again.
When the milk gets reduced to half the quantity add the grinded bread-milk mixture and keep stirring

Add sugar,cardamom powder and stir it.U can increase or decrease the amount of sugar according to ur taste.
Make the mixture to boil until it turns into a porridge(Kanji) consistency.Keep stirring so that it doesn't get stuck in the bottom
Get ready the moulds.
Cool the mixture well.
U can add finely chopped cashews n almonds to the mixture and mix well if desired.
Then pour the mixture to a mould and freeze it for 8-10 hours.
If u don't have mould then u can use small tumblers.Pour them in tumblers and insert a stick and freeze it.
If u don't want a stick type then it can be poured in a cake pan and freezed.U can cut it and eat it with the spoon

When u want to eat the kulfi,just take out the moulds from the freezer and show them on the running water for few seconds.
Then tap the moulds and kulfi comes out in a perfect shape.
When u are using matka pots then u can garnish with chopped pistachios and almonds

Relish this cool kulfi on a hot summer day..



  • Instead of pistachios , cashewnuts and Almonds can also be added.Or a mixture of pistachios, cashew nuts,almonds can be added.
  • If u need a mango kulfi just add mango pulp to the milk and mix.
  • Kulfis can be freezed in Matka pots(small earthen pots) and can be had in spoon
  • Instead of complete milk u can replace a cup of milk with condensed milk
  • If u don't have any mould u can use any small bowl/tumbler and insert a stick into it..Or u can freeze the whole thing in a cake pan and cut it and serve.
  • Few saffron strands can be dissolved in little milk and then it can be added to the milk mixture.Then it becomes kesar Pista Kulfi!!


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