Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Ugadi...Tender Coconut Pudding

Happy Ugadi,Happy Gudi Padawa,Happy Cheti Chand,

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous new year..Though today is  new year for most of them in India,I only know more about Ugadi-The telugu new year.As my hometown (Vellore)is very much near to Andhra Pradesh border the people at vellore celebrate Ugadi too..
I remember my dad relating Dosa to Ugadi...We refer the festival to be called Dosa Pandikai(Dosa festival-The day on which we make dosa ).In early days, dosa and Idly were made very rarely and that too only on few Ugadi .The reason might be the huge crowd in a family,no time,expensive etc..
My grandfather used to narrate stories regarding the ugadi.It is always nice to have old people at home from whom we  unknowingly learn many things.He used to say that they taste dosa only on ugadi and not very often in the year..But the scenario today is very different.Dosa batter serves me a lot when I am in jiffy..Almost 3-4 days a week I make dosa either for the breakfast or for dinner..
Well coming to the dish..Tender coconut pudding is the one that I always wanted to try..I was very scared whether it would turn good but to my happiness it was extraordinary tasty and was too cool for this hot summer..
Why should u always make Obbattu,Ugadi pachadi for the new year...Celebrate this ugadi with this mild dessert and quench the hotness..
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1 Cup of Tender Coconut Water
1/4 Cup of Tender coconut's translucent flesh
1/2 Cup of Sugar or more according to your taste
2 Cups of thick milk(Boiled and cooled)
1/4 tin of Condensed milk(Optional)-reduce the sugar amount if u are using this
3 Tbsp of Gelatin(replace with china grass if u don't have gelatin)
1/2 Cup of water
  • Take a pan and add 1/2 cup of water.Sprinkle the gelatin over the water and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes,when the gelatin is soaked keep the pan in low flame and make it the gelatin to get melt.Don't boil it too much.We are just heating it so that the gelatin melts.When the gelatin melts remove it from the flame and keep it aside.It will take 1-2 minutes for the gelatin to get dissolved when it is in flame.
  • Take out the tender coconut water from the tender coconut and strain it.
  • Scoop out the translucent flesh of coconut
  • In a blender, grind the coconut flesh,sugar  nicely to a smooth paste
  • Take a mixing bowl.
  • Add the grinded paste(tender coconut+sugar),tender coconut water,Boiled and cooled milk,gelatin mixture(along with water) and mix well so that all gets blended well.Add condensed milk too if u want and blend well.
  • Pour it in the container in which u are going to freeze.If u need u can add tender coconut flesh here n there..and keep it in the refrigerator
  • It takes 3-4 hours for the dessert to get set when kept in a fridge
  • Allow it to set atleast for 3-4 hours before serving.
  • U can add condensed milk..If then reduce the amount of sugar used.The pudding is meant to be lightly sweet.Don't add too much of sugar.
  • Caramelised sugar can also be poured on the top while serving
  • I just used pomegranate seeds for appealing look
  • Don't boil the gelatin mixture.Just heat it in low flame for few minutes
  • Make sure that gelatin gets dissolved before adding it to the tender coconut water.If anything is there then strain them.
  • Don't add the gelatin mixture  to the milk when it is very hot.
  • U can pour it in ramekins and serve it as it.
  • I poured it in a cake tray and while serving I cut it into pieces.


  1. Pudding looks super yummy! Wonderful clicks! :)

  2. beautiful pudding..great recipe