Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Capsicum Rice

I always prefer one pot meal than an elaborate meal.They are very easy to make and is  a perfect lunch box for the kids.In that series here comes the capsicum rice...The crunchiness and the bright colour of capsicum always attract the kids much.
Enjoy making  this colourful yummy one pot meal..
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1 Cup of Cooked Raw rice/Basmathi rice


Dry roast urad dhal,red chillies,coriander seeds and groundnuts.
Powder the roasted ones into nice powder.Keep the powder aside

Chop the capsicum finely.U can use a mixture of all colour of capsicum to make the rice more colourful.
In a pan heat oil.
Add the items mentioned in seasoning .
Then add chopped capsicum and saute it.Don't saute it more.The capsicum need to be crispy.

Then add grounded powder,cooked rice and salt to taste.
Mix well and serve it with raita or a pappad.


  • Instead of green capsicum alone ,u can add a mixture of yellow,green and red capsicums
  • Don't saute the capsicum too much.It needs to be crispy.if u saute more the capsicum will not be crispy.
  • U can garnish with roasted cashewnuts.
  • U can reduce or increase the number of chillies according to ur taste.



  1. Looks so delicious!! :)

  2. In addition to capsicum, brinjal, fresh green peas and bangalore cucumber can be sauted and made as a mixed rice. My Mom used to make this for my lunch box at VRV.


  3. This also sounds yummy..Tk u for the tip..

  4. Delicious capsicum rice I love it.

  5. That's great Amudha !! This is our fav and Ezhil regularly makes this. But her procedure is different. Instead of mixing the capsicum and powder to cooked rice she used to make it like biriyani. First she will saute the masala and then in a cooker add rice, capsicum and this masala with required water and cook like biriyani. If you add dry peas (white) it gives a nice taste and flavour . With raita and palak chutney (palak+urad+tamerind+chilli+coconut+love) it is great. Fried appalam is optional, LOL !!!
    Thank you for sharing, Amudha !!