Sunday, April 14, 2013

Puran Poli...Happy Tamil New year

அனைவருக்கும் எனது இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள் .

Wishing u all a very happy tamil new year and a happy Vishu to all keralites..Tamil New year has always been very dearer to me as they celebrate it grandly at my parents home.My mother cooks several delicious dishes on this day and it was a real treat to us to taste all delicious food..
But the scenario is the other way round at our inlaws house.As they are native of Tirunelveli the way they celebrate is entirely different.It starts with a vishukanni of looking at mirror and other things like gold and rice..
I don't strictly follow any of these as I think start anything new ..I believe everyday is a new day..But still I feel these special days are for bringing in the oneness in the family.I love to engage everyone from our family in this celebration and its a way of exchanging and sharing our love and oneness to the dear ones of the family.This is one way of compelled spending of quality time with family..
Made a Puran Poli some days back and thought it would an apt one to get posted for the tamil new year..
Again wishing u all a very very happy n prosperous new year..
For the recipe of Puran Poli please press READ MORE..

Puran Poli is an Indian type stuffed sweet bread that is famous in most of the states like Maharastra,Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka etc.It tastes very delicious and the outer stuffing can be made with Wheat flour too instead of All purpose flour
 For the printed version(English) of the recipe please click print
For the printed version (Tamil) of the recipe please click print
Soak Channa dhal for 10 minutes.Cook them till it is done.Then drain the water .
Then grind the channa dhal in a mixer grinder .
In a heavy bottomed pan add jaggery and little water(may be 1/4 Cup)
Boil it till the jaggery gets dissolved.Then strain the jaggery water to remove the dirts.
Then add the strained jaggery water in a thick bottomed pan and heat it again.
Add Cardamom powder and mix well.
Then add the grinded channa dhal and mix well till it turns little thick and all water gets absorbed .
In a mixing bowl add all purpose flour/Maida,turmeric powder .Add required amount of water and knead it into smooth and soft dough.Then add little oil and mix well.Leave it for 1 hour in a closed container.
Make balls for the outer covering and also make balls for the inner stuffing.
Flatten the maida ball dough.Keep the stuffing.Close it and then flatten it with hands by touching oil now n then.
Alternatively u can flatten it using a rolling pin instead of using the hands
Then heat a skillet and place the flattened poli and cook it on both the sides by adding little ghee.
Relish this yummy delicious lipsmacking puran poli


  • Instead of oil u can use ghee alone
  • Instead of maida the dough can be prepared with wheat flour alone.
  • U can add grated coconut also along with  the stuffing
  • Instead of channa dhal u can use moong dhal too
  • Along with cardamom u can add a pinch of nutmeg powder too
  • If u don't add coconut u can preserve it for a day.
  • With the same inner stuffing u can make sweet seeyam/Sukhiyam

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