Monday, April 8, 2013

Orange Punch-orange n carrot drink

Summer is very severe and feel like drinking only fresh juices.Children demand colourful juices.Instead of giving them the same plain orange juice I made a mixture of orange and carrot juice with little punch of ginger in it.To make it more healthier I avoided sugar and added honey to it.The taste was awesome and also soothing for this hot summer.
Try this punchy orange fanta and cool yourself..
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1/2 Cup of orange juice
2 carrots
1 Tsp of grated ginger
2 Tbsp of honey
A pinch of salt


  • Take orange juice from fresh orange using citrus juicer.
  • Slice the raw carrot .Along with ginger grind it into smooth paste.add little water while grinding.
  • Strain the carrot and take the juice alone.U can add water 2 or 3 times and take off the juice completely
  • Mix orange juice,carrot juice,a pinch of salt and honey.
  • Add ice cubes serve it immediately

Tried the flowers from smitha's blog and it came out so nice.I loved the rich bright colour of it.Take off the peel from the carrot,fold it and prick a tooth pick to it.cherries can be used at the top,as I didn't have cherries I used tutti frutti..

Handy Tips:

  • U can add sugar instead of honey.Palm sugar can also be added
  • Cinnamon powder too can be added to increase the flavour
  • To get a spicy version add pepper powder instead of honey and serve it.
  • If u love strong ginger flavour then add some more grated ginger
  • Don't keep the mixed juice for longer hours.It gets sour taste



  1. Punch looks so refreshing!! Lovely color! :)

  2. very cool.Thought it was a satin ribbon flower,great to know that it is from the peel of carrot.

  3. cool:) thought it was a satin ribbon flower ,great it is a flower from carrot peel.