Friday, April 12, 2013

Aam Ka Paana (Spicy Raw mango Juice)

To wave away the rising mercury the tastebuds demand some kind of cool fresh drink...My kids and HH loves to have fresh juices than a meal!!They always wanted a variety in it..
In the series of summer beverages here comes Aam Ka Paana
Aam Ka Panna is typically a north Indian drink.It is a spicy n sweet Indian drink made with raw mangoes,pepper powder and sugar.It has a combination of sweetness,sourness and spicyness.
Green mangoes are rich in vitamins and minerals.Its property is such that it cools our body from intense heat.Mint is added to increase the cooling effect.Added to it sugar,salt acts as electrolytes...So this is a perfect Indian quencher for this hot hot summer.
I had been waiting for the fresh mangoes to arrive...One of my aunt visited us and she bought us some farm fresh raw mangoes.Immediately with no delay I made aam ka panna and delighted her with this special drink..
U can preserve the pulp in a fridge and can use it when u want to make this juice
For the recipe  please press READ MORE below..



  1. So refreshing and delicious,Amuds! :)