Friday, April 5, 2013

Yam Fry

SenaiKizhangu/Yam/Elephant's foot is one of the vegetable which most of them avoid as it causes itchness to the tongue.But when they are cooked properly to remove the itchness it is the yummiest of all vegetables.
Yam fry is an easy and yummy sidedish that goes well with a simple onion sambhar  or a curd rice.Yams are rich in vitamin B6,manganese etc.

Remove the outer covering of the yam and wash it thoroughly to remove the mud and dirts.Then slice it for 1/2 inch thickness.
Add the thick tamarind paste into water and make about 2 cups of thin tamarind water.To it add turmeric powder.Add the sliced yams to it and cook it till it is 3/4 th done.Don't over cook it.Then drain off the water and keep the par cooked yams aside.
In a wide plate add gram flour,chilli powder,salt,garam masala powder and mix the dry powder well.
Then roll the sliced yam into the powder mixture such that the powder gets coated all over the sliced yam.The water in the par cooked yam is enough to make the powder to coat on the yam.
Heat a tava and arrange the yams on the tava.Add some oil.
Cook them on both the sides.
Serve them with curd rice or mild onion sambhar.
  • Don't overcook the yams
  • Yams are boiled in tamarind water to remove the itchness it causes to the tongue.
  • U can also add fennel powder if u like the smell of it
  • Ginger garlic paste can also be added
  • There is no need to making the powder to a paste by adding water.When the mixture is in powder form it is easy to coat on the yam.
  • Corn flour can also be added to increase the cripsyness to the fry.
  • U can cut the yams in cubes and cook it..

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