Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wheat-Jaggery Muffins(EGGLESS)

It was long since I baked.My children started asking for cookies and cakes.But I don't wanted them to have maida stuff.So grasped a wheat muffins recipe and was very happy when the recipe called for jaggery instead of  sugar.Immediately I tried it and the taste n flavour was awesome.My elder kid who hates jaggery loved to have this muffin..(Of course I didn't reveal her that I had added Jaggery!!).The muffins came out moist,soft and yummy too!!!
First I thought of icing the muffins but my kids couldn't wait for some more time.So with less effort I clicked very few clicks with not much arrangements made for the photo session.The moment I packed my camera the muffins disappeared into my kid's mouth.They found it very yummy and I baked again another batch of muffins as my elder daughter wanted to share it with her friends the next day for the snack time!!
Like the kids even I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post this recipe...I somehow managed my time and this is of course  is a very hot post!!!
For the recipe please press READ MORE below...

Preparation time:10 minutes
Baking Time:20-25 minutes
Serves:5 numbers
3/4 Cup of Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup of grated Jaggery(or Brown sugar)
1/4 Cup of melted Butter
1/2 Cup of milk
1/4 Tsp of Baking Powder
1/4 Tsp of Baking Soda
A pinch of salt
1/4 Tsp of Vanilla Essense
Grate the jaggery.
Sieve wheat flour,baking soda,baking powder,salt,jaggery .Sieve it for 2-3 times so that all the dry mixtures get mixed evenly.
In a mixing bowl transfer the dry mixture that had been sieved.
To it add milk and mix well.
Then add vanilla essense and mix well.
Finally add melted butter and mix well.
The mixture should be finally in creamy consistency.
Preheat the oven at 180 degrees C / 350 F for 10 minutes
Line the muffin tray with the muffin cups
Fill 3/4 of the muffin cup with the batter.Chocochips can be added on the top.It is optional
Bake it for 20 to 25 minutes at 180 degrees C/350 F.
If u need to do icing then decorate the top with whipped fresh cream.u can  dust the top with cocoa powder too.U can also add chocolate sauce on the top and serve.
Bake and have yummy and healthy muffins
  • U can replace jaggery with brown sugar.
  • The baking time may vary according to the type n brand of the oven.My oven took 20 minutes to bake
  • Sieve the dry mixture atleast 2 times
  • Bring the melted butter to room temperature before adding it
  • The sweetness of the muffins depends on the sweetness of the jaggery.
  • The colour of the muffin varies according to the jaggery colour
  • chocochips can be added .
  • Icing is ur choice.Can be done with cocoa powder,icing sugar,plum,tutty fruity,fresh cream or anything of ur choice.It tastes good without icing too!!

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  1. Delicious muffins, that too with jaggery and eggless.