Monday, February 18, 2013

Gajar Ka Halwa/Carrot Halwa

Last week I was held up with my elder daughter's mid term assessments..I am fed up with the system of exams and assessments that they do at schools in India.Though the school claims it of ICSE syllabus,their examination system just tests the memory power and mugging up power of the kids!!!The systems are terrific and my daughter just hate to sit and write her exams!!!
You would have been wondering what carrot halwa has to do with the education systems!!Saindavi,my elder one who is in grade III have a hindi poem on Gajar Ka Halwa...I was teaching her the poem for her assessment and she suddenly asked me to bribe her with carrot halwa for her to finish off the poem..I was happy that I could club her desire with adding that recipe to the blog!!
Carrot Halwa/Gajar Ka Halwa is a traditional punjabi dish made with carrots and milk.Carrots are simmered in milk and sugar till evaporated.It can be had either cold or warm.I love to have it as cold Icecream+Hot Gajar Ka Halwa..lovely combination to taste!!I always add less sweet so that my kids would take them in larger quantity.It is very easy to make and in whatever way u make it tastes very yummy..
For the recipe pls click READ MORE below...

1 Cup of  carrot grated heaped
3/4 Cup of milk
1/2  Cup of Sugar(or more if u want it to have more sweetness)
1 Tbsp of ghee
A pinch of cardamom powder
4-5 nos of Pistachios-chopped/grated
A pinch of salt
Peel off the carrots and grate it.
In a thick pan add ghee and heat it
Add grated carrot and saute it nicely for 3-5 minutes
Grate the pistachios and keep it aside.
Add milk to the grated carrot and allow it to boil for some time
Allow it to boil till milk gets reduced and carrot raw smell goes off.
Add a pinch of cardamom powder.
When milk gets reduced add sugar to it and cook till sugar gets dissolved and the mixture turns thick
Add Pistachois to the halwa and saute well.If u like the raw flavour then it can be added after taking off from the flame.
Fried cashews and raisins can also be added.
Ghee can be added finally and mixed well.
Serve it hot or cold.Both tastes yummy!!


  • The quantity of sugar can be varied according to ur taste.
  • Sugarless Khova can also be added finally while adding sugar.
  • Fried cashewnuts and raisins can also be added.
  • It can also be topped with ghee.
  • It can be had either warm or cold


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