Friday, November 2, 2012

Vegetable Pulao

I had been searching for the Ramba(Not the tamil Actress!!!)leaves quite a few months, after one of my aunt told about the aroma of it.Luckily during the bakrid time(it is one of the main ingredient used in briyani) I came across the one at the market and had asked for the plant too for my garden..The leaves are flat in shape and after cutting it from the plant the aroma increases after 2 days when it starts drying.but after 4-5 days the aroma use it after 2-3 days of plucking it...They are known by Daun Pandan in Hindi and  Screw Pine leaf is the common name.The aroma will be similar to that as Seeraga Samba Rice..
After letting it to dry for 2 days,my kitchen was completely packed up with the aroma of ramba Leaves...I cannot resist making a vegetable pulao using the seeraga samba rice.

This is a kids friendly dish.The aroma of the seeraga samba(a variety of rice)rice used is just awesome.It is simple to make and pack for the lunch.Rice with some curry/fried waffers will make a nice combination.
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Seeraga Samba Rice-1Cup
Water-1 3/4 Cups(Rice is soaked fo 10 minutes)
Green Peas-1/4 Cups
Carrot-2 (Chopped)
Beans-5 to 6 nos.(Chopped)
To Temper:
Oil-2 Tbsp
Ghee-1 Tbsp
Bay Leaf-2
Cinnamon-1/4 inch sizze
Green Chillies-3(Optional)
Ramba leaf-1(Optional)
Cumin Seeds Jeera-1/2 Tsp
Black whole pepper-1 Tsp
Salt- to taste
The first picture is the Ramba leaves dried for 2 days..Make all the ingredients ready.
In a pressure pan add the oil,ghee and let it get heated.
Then add the items mentioned in"To Temper"
Then add the onions and the vegetables and saute well.
In the meanwhile heat the required amount of water separately
After the vegetables gets sauted well add the rice(rice is soaked in water for 10 to 15 minutes.before adding it to the pan strain off the water completely)
Mix the rice well and then add the boiling water to it.
Pressure cook it for one whistle
Serve it hot with either appalam or with any gravy

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