Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chick Peas Salad

Preparing the kids for their semester exams are the most tiresome job!!!I was running after saindhu for the past one make her sit at one place and make her to glance at her books!!!During the exam time she used to skip her morning breakfasts..Her favourite item is anything with curd...She is simply satisfied with a simple  cup of curd ..So I was browsing for the dishes which called for yogurt as one of the ingredient..finally found this one from a webpage and it sounded very good and it tasted too fantastic.....

For the healthier and diet version one can replace the full cream Curd(for the kids) with fat free curd...(For the ones who are on diet)

During the photoshoot I had completely finished off half of the Cup...From then on it became the main breakfast for my kids on most of the days..

For the recipe pls press READ MORE below...

1.Pressure cook the Chickpeas with little salt.
2.Beat the curd and make it little thick.
3.To the curd add the above said powders,garlic ,lemon juice and required salt and mix it thoroughly.
4.In another bowl add the chickpeas,vegetables .
5.To the chickpeas bowl add the curd mixture and mix it well till the chickpeas get coated with the curd.
Serve it as a breakfast or as the mid noon snacks...Crunchy Onions with tomato will be nice combination...It tastes very similar to chaat..
Handy Tips:
1.Mix the curd to the vegetable mixture and not the vegetables to the curd mixture.
2.Can add Chat Masala powder too if u love the taste.
3.Fat free curd at home:
Boil the milk at night and refrigerate it overnight.At morning all the fat would have collected and settled at the top.Take the fat and store it separately so that you can reserve those for making ghee/butter out of it..


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