Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hot and sweet Mango Pachadi

My mother makes this pachadi in a different way.I had tasted many types of mango pachadi but I like the one my mom makes.It combines all the 3 important tastes such as sweet,Sour and karam...We make this pachadi only during any important occasions.This pachadi tastes good only with a particular type of mango named kili Mooku mango.The sour taste of the mango used should be less,for the dish to come out well.
One of my schoolmate had asked me for the recipe long time...I didn't come across this type of mango at Tuticorin.Luckily last week during ayudha pooja I saw this mango in the market and decided to make pachadi.Hope this was the recipe my friend was looking for..Please let me know vetri.This post is for you!!
For the recipe please press READ MORE below....

1.Cut the mangoes into medium size.Don't peel off the skin.Or else while cooking, the mangoes will get nicely smashed.
2.In a pan add oil and after it gets heated up add the mustard seeds.
3.Then add the chopped mangoes.
4.To it add turmeric powder,chilli powder and saute well.
5.Add water,salt and boil it till the mangoes get cooked.(let the water quantity be less so that the mangoes don't get dissolved)
6.After the water gets completely evaporated add jaggery and mix well
7.The jaggery will leave water.
8.Switch off when the consistency is thick in the pachadi form

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