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Festive recipe-Kaju Lotus

I had been there at coimbatore for more than 7 years and those times are very memorable to cherish...Love the place,people and also the serene climate..(I knew now it had completely changed!!!)...Still the sweets at Sri Krishna Sweets are the one whose taste havenot changed at all!!!They are the best at preparing the mysorepas...Just love the melting taste...
I use to wonder how they could make such a beautiful tasteful sweets.Out of that the various shapes of katlis were the hightlight..The kaju katlis in various very attractive shapes like lotus,apple,mango etc are just awesome to watch.I never thought I could make the one at home..
I tried this for the first time and it turned out so well...It is very easy to make and any beginner could make it if one has that patience and interest to do it..
Lets celebrate this diwali with this colourful sweet...(Please Say No to crackers!!!)
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The above quantity will yield 6 to 7 numbers.
Recipe Source:Mrs.Mallika Badrinath
1.Let the cashews be at room temperature.
2.Just grind the cashews in a mixie.Grind it at high speed without stopping.This will lessen the cashew powder getting stuck to the mixie jar.
3.Grease a plate with the ghee.
4.Take few drops of water in 2 cups separately ,add orange red colour to one cup and the green colour to the other.Mix well and Keep it aside(use spoon to mix..the colour is very strong and will stick to your hand very easily)
5.In a non-stick pan add  sugar,water and bring it to boil.
6.After 3-5 minutes check up the sugar syrup consistency.
7.Check for the single string consistency for this sweet.(take a drop of the syrup in the thumb and pull it out with the pointing finger. A single continous string should be formed.This is the most important stage in this preparation.
8.After the consistency is reached add the powdered cashews and mix well.
9.Mix it well continously.Stir it for 3-5 minutes.
10.After 3-5 minutes the mixture gets leaving the pan.This is the stage what we want, to make the katli.
11.Transfer the mixture to a  greased plate.
12.Divide the mixture in to 2 parts
13.In one add orange red colour and in another green colour.
14.Mix it immediately(when it is hot).Don't bother even if it is not mixed evenly.I used a spoon to mix the hot mixture.
15.When it becomes warm (don't chill it much) mix the dough well so that it becomes very smooth dough.If the ball is not becoming smooth and if it is dry then you can add little drops of milk.Don't add too much of milk too.So be cautious
16.Make it into small balls.One big ball and another small ball.
17.Flatten the big ball into small flat shape.

 18.Keep the small ball inside the flattened one.
19.Roll it into a smooth ball.If the mixture is sticking in your hand apply ghee on you hand and then roll it into a ball.
20.Let the rolled ball be set for 1 hour.Keep it aside in a closed box.

 21.Take a sharp knife(if not u cannot make sharp petals).Cut the ball 3/4 depth.Don't cut it fully or else it will break into pieces...

Now the kaju Lotus is ready to eat.

Handy Tips:

1.Single string consistency of sugar syrup is a must.
2.Colours can be varied.
3.You can mould it into any shapes or even as rolls.
4.Don't try to add the colour when the mixture is warm.It will not absorb
5.Knead it nicely so that the balls come out smooth.



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