Friday, November 9, 2012

Mullu Murukku

Crunchy Murukkus are always nice to have...Some have it as a snack.Some have it along with the rice as a side dish...I had even seen people crushing it and putting it in a tea cup(filled wit tea) and drinking it.....For my elder daughter when she was in her kindergarden I used to make murukkus in different shapes of the alphabets..The way it popped out of the oil was so nice to watch...
Murukku is very easy to make if the flour is made ready..We can keep the flour for 1-2 months if nicely stored.I usually refrigerate it..
Diwali doesn't pass over without the murukkus....It is the essential item that has to be made...
Let us say No to the crackers and celebrate this diwali with lots of sweets and happiness..CooknDine wishes the blog readers a very very happy Diwali..
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Preparation of the flour:
Soak the raw rice for 1/2 an hour.
Then dry it inside the house(not in the hot sun) for about 15 minutes.
When all the water had drained and the rice is wet,it is the stage where we need to do powder it.
Along with this rice add nicely roasted urad dhal.
Powder the mixture into nice prticles  into a  nicely powdered mixture.
Then sieve it and store it..This is the murukku  flour.Store it in a freezer and you can used it upto 4 months too..
1.Take a portion of the flour and to it add Jeera/sesame seeds whichever you prefer.
2.To the flour add hot oil,salt and mix it properly with the flour
3.To a small portion add water and make it like a dough.Let the dough be slightly looser than the poori dough.
4.Grease the murukku maker with oil.
5.Add the dough to the murukku maker and squeeze out murukkus in a big ladle

6.Let the oil get heated well.If u drop in a drop of dough it should come up immediately with bubbles.that is the smoking stage of the oil.
7.Deep fry the one that had been squeezed out from the murukku maker..
8.If there are no bubbles in the oil it is obvious that the murukku had cooked full.
9.Make it to cool some minutes and store it in an airtight container.


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