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 Bisebelabhath which means hot lentil rice in kannada is a famous dish in Karnataka.It has a slight variation from the sambar rice.After my marriage I was invited for lunch by one of my hubby's colleague who hails from Karnataka.She served us hot hot bisebelabhath with a nice aroma of ghee.That was the first time I taste the rice..From then on I became a fan of this dish.Still I can get back the flavour and the taste of the one she had served me..It brings me back my nostalgic memories.....
I had been trying various combinations of bisebhelabhath powders and after many trials I was satisfied with the one mentioned by Mrs.Mallika Bhadrinath in her cookbooks.The one I had mentioned here is the recipe adapted from her cookbook.
In a cold day,bisebhelabhath and appalam makes a fantastic pair.I wanted to specially mention about the appalams made from Kallidakuruchi,Tirunelveli.This is the place where they make all types of appalams(Infact the movie gentleman was also shot here!!!).Kallidakuruchi appalams have a very special taste.This is because of the pure Tamirabharani water that is being used ....Arisi(rice)and kizhangu(Root vegetable) appalams are very famous.So if you happen to visit Tirunelveli along with Iruttu kadai alwa do get some kallidakuruchi appalams too!!Preserve some appalams for having with Bisebhelabhaths...;-)
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1.Roast the items mentioned in the ingredients list and powder it.This is the bisebhelabhath powder.You can powder it and keep it for a 5-10 days.I usually make it a day before so that it doesn't loses it nice aroma...

2.Pressure cook the dhal and rice with 5 to 6 Cups of water.Add turmeric powder and oil a drop to the mixture before cooking.More water is added to avoid the rice getting hard .Just smash the rice with a ladle when the cooked mixture is hot.
3.Soak tamarind in water and keep the tamarind water ready.
4.Boil the potatoes(cut it into medium size ) and peas until they are done.

5.Take a wide pan and add oil to it.After it is getting heated add the shallots and fry it nicely till it is done.
6.To it add the tamarind water and make it to boil till its raw smell goes off.
7.Add extra water if necessary .(Adding extra water will make the job of mixing dhal,rice mixture to the tamarind water mixture easier)
8.Add  boiled potatoes and green peas to the tamarind water.Then add salt and mix well.

9.Then add the rice dhal mixture to the tamarind water and mix well.
10.When the mixture gets thickens slightly, switch off the stove.
11.Add fried cashewnuts and ghee to the rice.
12.Serve it hot with Kallidakuruchi Appalam..and top the rice with a tsp of ghee..
Handy Tip:
The rice tends to become thick when it cools switch off when the consistency is midway between thick and thin....

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