Thursday, August 30, 2012

Urad Dhal Rice/Ulunthu Sooru

Another traditional food of the south Indians especially for the ones in south tamilnadu is this Urad dhal rice.I love to make traditional food and I want my kids to taste all the traditional food .One my aunt whose daughter is in U.S. was carrying a scrapbook when she visited us for a week.I just asked her the detail.She told it is the grandparents diary which they need to fill all the details asked(their birth,parents,school life,college life,marriage life ...).She was sincerely writing it as an homework in the age of 60+.She needs to pass it on to her grand daughter..I loved this concept and want even my kid to know the traditions,customs and culture..So as a first step I started making all the traditional food at home..I keep recording some of the rare information they give out ....In my next posts I will post some of the snapshots of the antique utensils and crockery they used in our grandma's period...

     I think I had bored u with a long grandma talk...!!!coming to the Urad dhal rice...As usual easy to make and very healthy rice...No chilli and so kids will love to eat it..

For the recipe pls press READ MORE (seen below)

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