Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tomato Briyani

This rice comes handy when there are no vegetables available at home except the onions and the tomatoes.It is very quick to make and a nice lunch to pack up.The normal potato wafers/chips goes very well with this.My kids are very much  hesitant to the tomatoes.But when made to pulav/Briyani they very well take it.It is easy to pack and have it for lunch at the office.The recipe I had given below serves 3 persons and the best partner is potato wafers.This is one of the methods of making the briyani.There are various methods of making the tomato rice and I will add the remaining methods one by one as I make it at home.Green peas can also be added.


  1. Hi Amudha ,

    Tomato Briyani Looks Adorable !!!!

    Excellent presentation:)

    Keep on Dear...


  2. I tried this recipe (I added frozen green peas.) today for lunch. It came out really well and it was delicious. My son liked it too. It was very easy to make..Thanks Amutha for the recipe.

  3. Tk u Sathiapriya for trying it out.iam very happy to know that it came out well