Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keerai Masiyal

Keerai/Green leaves are very great sources of Iron.There are varieties of keerai like Siru Keerai(slanged as siri keerai),Mulai Keerai(thandu Keerai),Arai Keerai etc.When we were at Salem we used to get fresh keerais daily at home.They were home delivered by the villagers who lived near by.They tasted so good,fresh and tasty that all in our family got addicted to these green leaves.We came across many types of varieties too.But after getting transferred to Tuticorin one thing I miss is the fresh vegetables and green leaves.We get these items here at tuty but they never tasted like  the one that we had at Salem. 
My mother makes keerai once a week...and when we use the kal chatti and the talippu vadagam the taste is unexplainable....Keerai masiyal with hot steamed rice with Appalam is the best combination.
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  1. Hi Amudha ,

    looks Delicious !!!

    Are you from Salem ??

    I'm At Salem :) Which Area Amudha???

    Very interesting to see you at nearby Salem....

  2. JahirAmmaPalayam-steel plant road.nice to know that u r form I am at tuticorin...