Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Sukhiyam/Seeyam

Sukhiyam or Seeyam........Call it by any name.....The taste is just unexplainable....Here at Tuticorin we find this Sukhiyam at all small stalls where they make bajji and pakodas....I had been longing to taste it but the quality with which they are made(on the road side) made me to avoid getting a native of vellore had tasted this Sukhiyam with the outer batter of maida...But after scanning through the culinary expert Mrs.Mallika Badrinath's book I learnt the art of making Sukhiyams with the rice and urad dhal as the batter..It tasted many times tastier than the maida batter...From then on, when I make the idli batter I make this batter too ready and refridgerate it...The inner pooram too I make it ready and refridgerate it for 2 days..So I make these hot hot Sukhiyams when the kids want it..

When  I run out of this Sukhiyam batter, I make a mixture of maida with  1 Cup of Idli Batter as  the outer covering for the sukhiyams.I keep substituting the inner pooranam with green gram ,paneer,Khova, etc and give a variety of Sukhiyams to the kids....

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