Thursday, August 16, 2012


I was hesitant to post this simple recipe.But for the benefit of the bachelors and the first time cooks I am posting it.There are various methods in which people make rasam.What I make is my mom's version and i love drinking the rasam she makes.Rasam alone with an appalam tastes heaven .It is very easy and also very quick to make.Rasam is a dish which is a part of most of the south Indians meal.This is had to digest the other dishes one take.My recipe calls for adding garlic with the skin as it overcomes the digestion and gastric problems.This was the first dish I learnt from my mom and also the first thing I cooked.It came out delicious and was a super hit which increased my cooking passion.Till now everyone loves the rasam which is made at our home.The best part lies at mixing up the correct amount of tamarind,tomato and the dhal.
Enjoy making this easy rasam and pass on the comments....
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The rasam powder ingredients vary from house to house.We use this pepper corn and cumin seeds mixture.Some people add bengal gram and dried red chillis too.I love the rasam to be of medium excluded the chilli part.

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