Friday, August 10, 2012

Mushroom Kurma/Gravy

Again Mushrooms...Mushrooms are my favourite as they are 0% fat and 100% protein rich.After getting married to Hari I was made to sacrifice the non vegetarian items.I do have it at restaurants but don't make it at home.So having mushrooms(Luckily they don't get branded as non veg in Hari's family) at home made me to forget the tasty chicken and mutton.This recipe tastes similiar to that of the mutton gravy.The method of preparation is also same as that of Mutton Kulambu.Non-Vegetarians can substitute the mushroom with mutton.The recipe that I had explained below has been referred by one of my neighbour and a good friend named Priya.This recipe is of Coimbatore Style of grinding the shallots.It tastes too good with hot steamed rice.And the aroma...Hmmmmh..Need to cook it and experience it......


  1. its really awesome amu. small suggetion in lieu of coconut,if u add KASURI METHI it gives more flavour to this

  2. nalla ierunthuchu very nice taste