Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ulundhu Kali/Uluntham kali/Urad dhal Halwa

I had been constantly hearing this name from the time I came to Tuticorin.This is an authentic ,very nutritious sweet of Tamilians.Every mother should know this art of making this kali,especially the ones who have girl kids.Usually when a girl attains puberty they keep giving a dish a day made of urad dhal.This strengthens the uterus of the kid and also gives the required nutrition to the kid.
Instead of practising the kids to eat Pizzas and noodles one can nuture them eating all these healthy snacks like pottukadali laddu,kali,groundnut chikki etc..Urad dhal along with the sesame oil serves as a very good healthy snack for the kids.
In addition to teaching kids about our cultures we can also teach them about our traditional foods.
I thank my friend Sharadha's mother who was kind enough to give me a demo of all the traditional food .She had been in this field for more than 60 years.Thank you so much aunty for the enthusiasm that you show at teaching others the recipe(Usually I had come across people who don't want to share their method !!) and also scheduling your time for me.words alone cannot express my thanks and happiness.

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  1. Thank You Amuds. I was searching for ulundhu kali for a long time. I didn't get the right site for traditional kali. This helps me a lot. Thanks a lot ................

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