Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vivika....Sweet pathaneer Idlies...Tuty/Nellai Special...

One of my friend who is a native of Thoothukudi invited us for a special occasion at her home..There her grandma was explaining me about the few authentic dishes that they used to prepare during her days...When she was explaining about many dishes she uttered a word Vivika...I was like what Vivika...vaa..??It sounded me  more like a proper noun  than a dish's name..I could not find out the reason behing naming the dish...I guess the one who made it first must be a lady named Vivika ;)
I was much excited when I heard the name and was delighted when she voluntarily accepted to make the dish on the same day...She made ready all the items and within few hours she handed the vivika to me...It is nothing but a sweet idly :))(Luckily I had carried my camera with me to take the shots there)
I feel very happy to post such an authentic sweet that is very much special to the areas of Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli...
Vivika is a sweet had as a breakfast in the regions of Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli.
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Makes: 10 Idlies
3/4 Cup of Idly rice (Par boiled)
1/4 Cup of Whole Urad Dhal
1 Tsp of fenugreek seeds
1/4 Tsp of salt
1/4 Cup of sugar
1/4 Cup of fresh coconut grated
1/4 Cup of pathaneer ,the fresh extract  taken from palm tree sap (For susbtitute please refer handy tips section)
1/2 a riped banana
1/2 a cup of crushed cashewnuts and raisins
1 Tsp of cardamom powder
1 Tsp of ghee for greasing the idly pans
Soak rice,dhal and fenugreek separately atleast for 2 hours.
Reserve the water that you had for the fenugreek seeds to be used while grinding.
Grind them into little coarse batter by adding coconut milk in between.In the traditional method they add Pathaneer while grinding the batter.
Add salt,granulated sugar(Normal sugar),cardamom powder.
Add cooking soda,grated fresh coconut,crushed cashewnuts.
Add raisins,chopped ripen banana.
You can also add the banana when you are grinding the batter.
Mix them well so that all gets mixed well and the sugar gets dissolved completely
Grease the idly mould  pan with few drops of ghee.
Pour a ladle of the batter to the idly mould.
In the meanwhile heat water in the idly pan.
When the water gets boiled well,reduce the flame to low and keep in the idly moulds.
Steam cook them for 7-9 minutes in low flame.
Cool them for few minutes and take the idlies out from the mould.
Serve it as a whole or slice it and serve it hot for a sweet breakfast..
  • Instead of Pathaneer you can use coconut milk.While grinding the batter add coconut milk instead of plain water.Then while you are going to make idlies add 1 Tsp of Cooking soda to the mixture and mix well and then make idlies.
  •                    If you don't have cooking soda you can alternate it with Eno salt.You can also use yeast instead ..
  • The amount of raisins and cashews depends strictly on your taste.
  • After adding the cooking soda make the idlies immediately.
  • Some use raw rice powder and then they ferment the batter which takes a day process to get ready the batter.
  • If you are adding Pathaneer then reduce the amount of sugar  as pathaneer is little sweeter.
  • Instead of adding chopped bananas finally to the batter you can add the banana while grinding..
  • Don't cook it for longer hours ..the idly will become hard..


  1. wow thats a very new recipe for me and it sounds very interesting dear .. thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe :) Bookmarking it soon :)

    1. Thank u so much Manju....vivika sounds like eureka to me ;))