Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Spicy Mushroom Pepper Stir Fry

Mushrooms are always my favourite...Cook it in any form....I love to take it ...For me it tastes too good than the  non-vegetarian items!!..I cook them very often at home that it had become a part of my weekend's menu.Last weekend I wanted to make my lunch very simple and healthy and so I ended up at making Drumstick leaves sambhar and a simple mushroom pepper stir fry...This stir fry tasted too good with the curd rice...
I had already posted few of the mushroom recipes like:
Cook this simple stir fry and relish ..

200 gms of mushroom,preferably button mushroom,sliced
(Alternatively you can use cauliflower too)
1 large Onion,chopped finely
1/4 of a medium sized Tomato,chopped finely
2 Tbsp of Ginger Garlic Paste
1/2 a Tsp of Red Chilli Powder
1/4 Tsp of Garam Masala Powder
3 Tbsp of Oil
Few curry leaves(Optional)
For the Special Spice Mixture:
(roast all in a Tsp of oil and powder it)
2 Dry Red Chillies
2 Tbsp of Whole black Pepper
1 Tsp of Saunf
1 Tsp of Cumin seeds/jeera
1 Tbsp of Coriander seeds


Wash the mushrooms and peel off the skin.I usually peel off the skin so that I can avoid it being washed for longer time.Slice them and keep them aside
Keep ready all the ingredients.It takes very short time for this stir fry to get cooked..

Let us now prepare the special spice mix.
Roast all the items mentioned in the ingredients list under Special spice mix.
Cool them.
Powder it into a nice smooth powder.Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan.
Add finely chopped onions and saute it.
Add ginger garlic paste and saute it.
Add chopped tomatoes and saute it.

Saute the mixture well till onions and tomatoes get mixed well.
Then add sliced mushrooms.
Add red chilli powder,salt and garam masala powder.I used Kashmiri chilli powder to give a nice  colour to the mixture  and have a less chilly spice.

Saute it for 2-3 minutes till water in the mushroom oozes out and then dries out.
Now add the ground Special Spice mixture and give a stir.Adjust the quantity of Spice mix to be added according to your taste.
Stir well till all the masalas get mixed with the mushroom
Serve it with Roti.
Serve it with rice .
Stuff it inside the dosa..and serve as mushroom masala roast!!
Use this as a stuffing for modaks...Samosa..etc...
  • You can use sliced cauliflowers too instead of mushroom.
  • You can also try Mutton/Chicken too in the same way.
  • The special spice mixture can be ground to a nice powder and can be stored for longer time and can be used for potatoes,cauliflowers etc.
  • As mushrooms are bland in taste you need to add more masala powders to enhance the taste.
  • While adding salt to mushroom be careful.Some mushrooms have little amount of salt in it.So taste it and then adjust the salt quantity.
  • Mushrooms leave water when cooked.So there is no need of adding any water to make the mushrooms cook.
  • Instead of normal chilli powder if you are going to use kashmiri chilli powder then increase the quantity as kashmiri chilli powder are less spicier and gives more red colour to the dish..