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Paal Kozhukattai-Chettinad Delicacy...The traditional way...

This is the post which I wanted to post it for long time.This dessert is my favourite one.Usually I don't take much of sweets and this dish is one exception.My mom makes it so good that u cannot stay without having it.This is one of the authentic dish that is prepared for any occasions.Though the process of making them is time consuming the taste it imparts cannot be described in few words..
So please try it and pass on the recipe to our future generations too.Let them be aware of some of the authentic dishes that our grandmas made for us!!
Thought ganesh Chaturthi is an apt occasion for me to post the Paal Kozhukattai recipe..Many of my readers had been asking for a long time to post the recipe..
Make this Ganesh Chaturthi more special by making this traditional Paal kozhukattai too...
Please press READ MORE below to get into the recipe..

Recipe source:My Mom
Serves:3(small cups each)
1/4 Cup of Idiyappam Flour/Rice flour(If u don't have idiyappam flour then refer handy tips of using soaked raw rice)
1/2 cup of water (for the flour)
A pinch of salt
A drop  of oil
1/2 cup of grated Jaggery/Palm jaggery
1/2 cup of water for the jaggery
1/2 Cup of boiled and cool milk
1/4 Tsp of Cardamom powder

Boil water(1/2 Cup) in a pan.Use non stick pan which will ease your process.
Flour:water is in the ratio of 1:2.
Let the water boil.
Add a pinch of salt and a drop of oil/Ghee
When it boils lower the flame and add the flour to it.

Mix it with a ladle when the flour is on the flame.It takes few seconds for the flour to absorb water.
Then switch off the flame.
Mix the flour and water nicely with the ladle.
Take a clean white cloth and make it wet.Squeeze out the extra water.
Transfer the dough to the cloth.
Tie it tightly and keep it aside.This step is done to avoid lumps being formed between the dough.
After few minutes(say 3-5 minutes),take out the dough.
Roll it into small long cylindrical should not be too thick nor too thin.U can also roll them into small spheres(of small bead size)This step needs much of patience but I bet u the outcome is exotic.It looks so good and also the taste.
Steam cook the cylindrical/spherical rolls in a idli steamer.I used my electric cooker to steam it when I cooked  rice..
Cover the rolls in a wet cloth and keep it inside the Idli steamer and steam it.
It takes around 5-10 minutes for it to get cooked in medium flame.
Keep the steam cooked cylindrical rolls aside.
Take around 1 Tsp of rice flour.Add to it around 1/2 tsp of water.Make it into thick paste.Keep it aside.
In a pan add jaggery and little amount of water.Let the jaggery gets dissolved completely.
After the jaggery gets dissolved(If u feel the jaggery has some impurities then stain the mixture and then again boil it) add the rice flour mixture and stir it well.This is added to get a thick consistency for the dessert.
After it gets mixed add the steam cooked cylindrical rolls and mix it with care so that they don't lose their shape.
Leave it to boil in low flame.
When the mixture turns little thick then add milk and stir it.
After adding milk don't boil it for longer time.It will curdle.So when the mixture attains the consistency that u need then add milk(Boiled and cooled)
Add cardamom powder,mix well.
Serve it hot or chill it and serve it.
U can also garnish it with fried cashewnuts and raisins.


  • After adding milk don't cook for longer hours.The dessert will curdle.
  • If ur jaggery has some dust particles then after jaggery gets dissolved stain the mixture and use it.
  • The dessert becomes thick after some time.So adjust the consistency accordingly.
  • Instead of cylindrical rolls u can also use spherical rolls.But in authentic way we use only cylindrical shapes.
  • U can finally garnish it with fried cashewnuts and raisins.I didn't use it as I love them without garnishing.
  • Instead of jaggery u can also add sugar.But the taste differs.
  • Instead of milk u can add thick coconut milk too.
  • U can also boil and cook the cylindrical rolls but I find that process to be more time consuming.
  • U can also use raw rice instead of idiyappam flour.Soak the raw rice for 2 hours.Then grind it into smooth paste by adding minimal quantity of water.Then heat a non stick pan and add the mixture to the pan and keep stirring.At one point u will attain a dough consistency.Then make rolls out of it and all other process are the same...
  • Smaller the size of the rolls tastier the kozhukattai
  • U can use corn flour also as a thickening agent instead of 1 tsp of rice flour
Sending it to the Tamizhar Samayal Event:

We group of friends started a new event Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday which is going to happen in 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Tamilnadu cuisine is famous for its flavor and spices,each district has their own signature recipes.We know very well that Tamilians have many delicious foods, for example Kanchipuram is famous for idlis, while Tirunelveli is famous for halwa, needless to say much about the famous Chettinad cuisine and another well known is Kongu cuisine.

Yes we are proud to be Tamilians and we love to share our knowledge of this famous foods, thus we planned this event.In this event you can cook and show case the food which is very popular and traditional in any region of Tamilnadu.Both veg and non-veg recipes are allowed.

This event doesn't have any specific themes or ingredients,cook anything popular in the region of Tamilnadu.The main motto of the event is to know the food cultures followed in each region especially in village sides



  1. Revathy ManoharanSep 8, 2013, 9:55:00 AM

    Wow!!!! so tempting...will try it for sure.. :)

    1. Tk u for passing by Revathy try it out n let me know how it turned up too!!!

  2. Thats a delicious and very addictive kozhukattais, my all time favourite..Glad to catch u through TST.