Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tirunelveli Sodhi/Mapillai Sodhi

First I thank to Saradha's mother(who does fantastic Sodhi) for sharing this authentic Tirunelveli dish.This is also called Mapillai Sodhi because the bride's mother makes this particular dish to the bride groom on the 2nd day after the marriage.This  is to please the groom by serving him with Sodhi.If one attends any Saiva Pillaimar's marriage they can find this dish being served.
Many of them just drink sodhi like a rasam.This is slightly heavy and hence it need to eaten with ginger chutney to overcome the digestion problems!!!

I actually make Sodhi in the afternoon and serve it with hot rice.Later I preserve the remaining for the dinner.We usually have idiyappam(Rice Noodles) served with this sodhi for dinner

Have Sodhi and will surely be touched by the taste!!!!


  1. Hi Amudha, love this recipe..Although I have heard about this, I have never tried it myself.Will sonn try it our from here :)

  2. Tk u for passing by Sumi..Try out you will sure become a fan of Sodhi...

  3. Amudha, IN sodhi V dont add Ginger Garlic paste.if it is added it gives Kurma taste... To get Original Taste add Ginger and Garlic Chopped small pieces in Tadka Segment. pls try as above u get more delicious...

  4. Tks for chking out the page....heard u make excellent sodhi..from Menaka...sure will make the changes when I do it next time..keep chking up and pass the comments too...

  5. Amudha , the recipe isn't clear .... Can you change the black background. I am interested in preparing this sodhi. Thanxs. - saj