Friday, July 20, 2012

Colocasia/Arbi/Sembu/Cheppankizhangu Fry

              It is the root part that we consume.It belongs to " kizhangu" variety.All other kizhangus cause some gaseous problem.But this particular vegetable is of more medicinal use.We can make many varieties of food with this.Earlier during my childhood days my grandma used to give me saying that we could do maths with greater speed if we consume this vegetable.Hence i use to call this as maths kaai(maths vegetable).Even now i call it as Maths kaai and my kids know them only by this name.People of Southern Tamilnadu call them as Sembu while northern tamilnadu call them as Cheppankizhangu.The fry goes very well with Curd rice and also tastes great when accompanied with Sambar sadam.

             Some people are hesitant to get this vegetable thinking it will cause itch to the tongue..I can promise you that this variety don't cause such irritations.You can confidently try out this recipe .....

  • When you select the Colocasia see to it that is bigger in size and has less branches.
  • Don't refridgerate the raw vegetable.It stays good as raw even for 1 month when kept outside
Cooking Time:1/2 an hour
No. of serves: 2
Best Partner: Curd rice and Sambar Rice
Shelf life:24 hrs


  1. Hi Amudha ,

    Sembu fry Looks YYummYYY !!!

    Neat presentation :))

    Keep on Dear..