Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mint-Coriander Rice


               I hated this green rice until i learnt this method from one of my friend at Erode.There is a little difference when we add shallots to it..The whole taste gets changed and it doesn't taste like a rice mixed with Coriander/Mint  chutney.Most of the kids are hesitant towards the green leaves and this is the best way to make kids eat.They are very colourful,attractive and also tastes very good.They are the best lunch box items to be packed for ur hubby n children.This particular rice comes on my  dining table atleast once in 10 days.

Cooking time:10 minutes(if the cooked rice is ready)
Best Partner:Baby Corn 65,Panneer Bhajji,Simple vadam

       Taste this healthy,Colourful rice and pass on the comments.....


  1. Nice recipe....tried it...came out great!

    1. tk u for trying it pavi..pls do keep blogging my updates...