Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arisi Paruppu Sundal(PasiParuppu/greengram dhal Rice)

                 This is one of my favourite rice,that I cook most of the time.It is very easy to make and don't need any special items to make.Its taste and the aroma of the dhal will make you to finish off the dish. This is a perfect lunch that you can give for your kids.They call it as Arisi Paruppu Sundal..It is named Sundal because the rice grains and the dhal won't get smashed after cooking.When I run out of vegetables I make this rice and serve it with raita.


The amount of water added is less when compared to the other dishes is not to make the dhal and rice getting smashed and stand apart.The no. of chillies canbe increased for the hotness.The recipe that I had posted will have medium hotness.fried oinions can also be garnished on the dish.Just try out n comment

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